ABSOFUCKINGLUTELY! When the podcast was over, I was stunned to see that it had been a lot longer than usual. "Its over already? I was hoping for more.
I could listen to Ira Glass for hours a day. He sounds like one of the most delightful people on the planet. I want to have a dinner party with him every week. Do you think he'll fit in my big purse so I can take him home?
I'm transcribing it but it's going to take a lifetime (I'm rubbish at this). Lumps of transcription will appear in the comments section below the podcast itself for any interested parties. Please bear with me.
He was on TBTL yesterday, too. That was just awesomeness squared. I like those three podcasts (SL, TBTL, TAL), but to have them mashed all together like that was nerdily enjoyable.

@3 You're wonderful.
@3, you're a champ.
@3: what 4 & 5 said.
I think why it was a good show, because you guys would make a good radio team. You have different types of humor, but they complement each other. You tend to make ironic and sassy comments, (like your reference to Terry Gross) while Ira was pretty funny about the story about the couple who put their relationship on hold, and dated others, (i.e. his reference that anyone can get laid in New York City if they stay in the bar long enough and lower their standards)

If you have Ira back on, I think you two, should do some callbacks to the questioners, which I think is one of Savage Love’s podcast strengths.

Oh, shows you my knowledge, I was one of those clueless people that thought Ira was gay. I guess my nebbish radar was cross circuited to my gaydar, but I liked his anecdotes that people thought his wife was just a beard for him.

I liked Ira stopping the calls, and commenting in the middle, it would be probably annoying after awhile, but it was a good show, because there was really good back and forth conversation between both of you. As I wrote, you two both complemented each other in the wit department, with me leaning more to Dan for his hilarious comments, about the motto jokes, (i.e. not swallowing semen) and Dan’s response to Ira’s mom’s opinion that a women’s sex organ is between her ears.
It wasn't hearing Ira say "fart," it was hearing him say "cock."

More! More!
This might have been my favorite Lovecast ever (and I've listened to 'em all). As someone whose (straight) husband is involved in theater, I loved the question about the guy who needed to "come out as straight" to his theater buddies. MORE IRA!!!!
Great show, and amusing to hear Ira get dragged into the whole dilemma around cheating, opening the relationship, breaking up, or sacrificing sexual fulfillment.
Dumb question, Ira mentioned that you can't play farts on the radio. What about every morning show, just about ever?
I think it was hearing Ira gush about how great blow jobs are.

But I loved hearing Ira do what he does best, which is make Dan clarify his positions on things. I think Dan would get in a lot less trouble if he kept Ira around to gush about blow jobs.
i join the chorus of voices. more ira, please. i think what made it particularly effective was the interplay of dan's straight-talking, no-nonsense approach (if you have gas that bad, go see a doctor) with ira's philosophic, introspective approach (does the first fart in front of your partner mark the moment when you know it's love?). absolutely wonderful.
@12, Ebert would finally have his Siskel, Jay his Silent Bob, Jay Z his Snoop, Watson his Crick, Fry his Laurie.
I love Ira, I do. And I thought he contributed a whole new level of humanity, humility and genuineness to the show. But...trying not to be a hater here...his stammering drove me to distraction. In unscripted talk format, I want to hear the hosts get through a whole sentence in one take. Would LOVE to have him come back if he could finesse that. OK, go ahead and rip me a new one now.
we'd be a lot more impressed if Ira actually farted....
@4, @5, @6 You're all far too generous. It's all just a ruse to get to transcribe Ira Glass saying "cock"
It was along the lines of Superman appearing in a Batman comic.

But much funnier. Definitely one of the best Lovecasts ever. I think #7 sums it up fairly well. I laughed a lot, listening.

I admit that hearing Ira say some of the things he did was a bit shocking at first. Not that I am a prude - I enjoyed it. But, still at first there, I was like, "Oh my stars! Goodness gracious!" (fingertips on chest). Getting all henny...
Still, I hope there aren't any tapes around of Mr. Rogers, for instance, talking tales of ribaldry.

Well, maybe a little, perhaps...

It's official! Even better than your enlightening pre-xmas 2011 show on the risks of oral cancer from the combination of cunnilingus & pot-smoking.
Ugh. Ira Glass. I guess I'm the only one who can't stand listening to him speak. Seriously, enunciate, motherfucker - you're on the radio. Love the Lovecast, but won't listen to this one: he's the second reason I stopped supporting public radio.
I do hope Ira comes back. For a two hour show. Am I the only only who felt like that one flew by WAAAAAAY too fast? Like Ira said, I am pretty much not getting hot hearing someone's 8th grade memoir on TAL. But Dan and Ira discussing blowjobs? Hoooweee!!
No I haven't listened to it. But if you provided a transcript I'd be happy to.
Oh, Rubbish Transcriber! I wrote my comment before seeing yours! :-) Thank you thank you...
@23 It's a pleasure BEG. I'll do a bunch more after work today.
@3/17/24 (Rubbish_Transcriber) - from the chunk you've posted already in the podcast's comments, it looks like you have this under control, but if you'd like help, I volunteer. (Qualifications - I have transcription experience and adore both Dan and Ira!) If you want help, just give me some marching orders? (want me to try to help decipher the Ira Glass Word Blurs? start at a certain time mark and work from there? )

@Dan - We LOVED the podcast with Ira. This is the first time I've ever listened to an episode of the podcast (limited bandwidth and crappy connection speeds interfere), and now I'm hooked. Please please PLEEEEEEASE have him back at least once a month!
Ira Glass was the best guest ever. Please bring him back. It was hilarious listening to you and him sort out the callers' problems. Best line: "But isn't there something to be said for repression?" loved it. Thank you Ira
That bit where Dan said he 'didn't care' about the letters/callers - I think I understand what he's saying - he has to have a certain amount of professional distance, he's primarily an entertainer, etc. But it's also not quite true in every case. He's obviously become very invested in certain letters/callers, suicidal gay kids in particular. I just hope that what he said here with Ira doesn't turn off any people (especially kids) who have written or called or were planning to. Dan, if you're reading this, maybe consider clarifying, just for them.

But yeah, great show! And Congrats Washington on Same Sex Marriage! Woohoo! Now for Maryland!
@25 Hey MarleyBarley - thank you so much - it's an hour long so yes, if you felt like having a go that would be just great. Unless you'd like to, I wouldn't worry about the Word Blurs - they're so short that I don't think much is lost in them - I think it's mostly Ira repeating the same word or two while his lovely brain spins.

If you felt like carrying on from where I left off - it's around the 7 / 8 minute mark - that would be fabulous. Just do whatever you can do - anything at all would be great - and post it and then I'll pick it up again - I finish work around noon Seattle time and I'll be able to have another go. Thanks again MarleyBarley.

Also, I'm going to email Dan about this. Maybe we can find a way to get this done regularly.
I agree, that was one of the best lovecasts ever and I've listened to every single one. More Ira Glass!
Oh, I like Ira very much and that show was great!
Rachel Maddow talked about This American Life last night, and that got me to thinking, what if Rachel Maddow was on an episode of The Savage Lovecast? That would be great!
Yup, one of the best SL podcasts ever. A couple of times I had to stop jogging because I was laughing too hard.
@28 not-so-Rubbish Transcriber - sorry for the delay in replying, had to take my daughter to the dentist. I'm picking up now from where you left off. If you want to email so we can better coordinate and cooperate, mine's marley underscore soluna at yahoo dot com.
not-so-Rubbish Transcriber - your initial transcript leaves off at 7:42, which is where I'm picking up. If I'm counting right (I'm in eastern time), you're probably getting off work around now and about to start continuing work on this yourself. Want to pick up at the start of the fart call conversation at 13:33? I'll check back after I get the 7:42-13:33 segment done to see if you've commented again or emailed me with further instructions. :)
@ 33, @34 you are wonderful. I'm going to email you.
I liked it. But I was a little distracted at times by all the sexual tension between those two.
Hearing Ira Glass say "cock" might be one of the highlights of my life so far. He was awesome on your show!
Ira is a national treasure. I admit I was among those who assumed he was gay, but when I found out he had a wife my reaction was, "Oh, okay," not, "She must be a beard!"

Ira did an episode of Marc Maron's WTF podcast a while back. I highly recommend it.…
It was a moment of congitive dissonance for me-- hearing Ira on your program using words which one would not here on TAL. It was a wonderful program. Next up, I hope to hear Peter Sagal or Carl Kassel from Wait Wait Don't Tell Me.
More Ira Glass please, it was without a doubt the best thing that happened to me all week.

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