Good for them. I wish it was more than 22.
Hey, off-topic, but does Newt pay extra for those ads of his on the sidebar on Slog if I click on them? Because I'd be happy to if that was the case.
The sidebar ads are more than likely pay-per-click so yes, they'll be charged every time. Click away!
Good for them. Thank you, Senators.
I suppose if they really cared they'd get a list of the other 1,999 organizations that Komen funds and open an investigation into them as well. And yes, I realize that would effectively stop whatever cancer-finding funding Komen is putting out there, but it'd also put pressure on Komen to change its policy. And anyway, I believe I read that the Komen dollars to Planned Parenthood funded roughly 170,000 screenings out of the 4 MILLION that Planned Parenthood annually conducts. Putting aside that that is 170,000 mothers, daughters, aunts, sisters, it really isn't that significant. Or at least, not significant enough that PP couldn't raise the money to do that by itself just off this news. I'm also talking to myself.
They should investigate Komen. Here's a question: How much does it spend defending its copyright vs. on research? Research is already a miniscule amount of its budget.

I don't know the answer to that, but the other question I have is does following the link raise Gingrich's Google status, like clicking on does for And would it matter, since people googling Gingrich already know who he is and won't be getting Gingrich redefined the way Santorum is redefined by

And that'd be 22 senators with no Republicans. That last point needs to be clear. (Sanders is Independent, so we can't say it's 22 Democratic senators.)
@2 and @3 FYI Google is PPC (pay-per-click), so they are charged when clicked, not simply when the ad is viewed.
22 out of a 100 is pretty fucking pathetic, imo. the senate is a morally bankrupt institution.

Don't need to launch investigations into all 1999--a dozen well-placed investigations would do the trick.
Part and parcel of the GOP's defund-liberal organizations strategy (Acorn, victim zero). A collaborative effort between anti-choice conservatives & legislators.

fuck Komen - they are & always were a republican organization, run by republican women - look how corporate america tripped over themselves to support them. look at the NFL's pink-piping campaign this year.

the Democrats have a majority in the Senate & all they could muster was 22? that tells you a lot.


I don't know what it tells us--Greg Sargent (in the link) reports that 22 is a pretty good number for something like this, and suggests that if Republican Senators go on the offensive, we can expect a lot more Dems to sign on.
I guess PP received over $500,000 in donations yesterday, as backlash against the right-wing Komen a-holes...

I must confess, I do love watching as these right-wing outfits shoot themselves so unerringly in the feet all the time.. (You'd think they'd have better aim!)

If the Senate were to investigate them, would Komen's "no funding of groups under government investigation" policy generate a circular loop --a funding/raising paradox-- a veritable logical black hole threatening to rip open the very time-space continuum we all hold so dear?

Or would it just expose them as run-of-the-mill politically motivated asshats?
Penn State is under investigation for child rape and they still receive funding:…
Penn State is under investigation for child rape and they still receive funding:…
Wow. With all this hullabaloo you'd think Komen was killing babies or something
How are 22 Senators going to call Susan Komen? Does their senate phones dial out to Jesus or something?

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