663 Bistro in the I.D. made it almost a full year since its last closure by the health department (which was for "Potentially hazardous foods (PHF) at unsafe temperatures / Inadequate facilities to control temperature of PHF / Foods not protected from cross contamination / Handwashing sinks unavailable / Toxic chemicals improperly stored/labeled").

You'll recall that 663 Bistro is Goldy's favorite I.D. bbq spot, and that it made Seattle Metropolitan's gigantic list of Seattle's best Asian restaurants last February, which noted:

Who’s here Seattle celeb chef Tom Douglas [a.k.a. T-Doug], for one. Adores the joint.

The latest 663 Bistro shutdown is for:

· Potentially hazardous foods at unsafe temperatures
· Handwashing facilities unavailable and not working
· Toxic items not properly stored (stored above food)

Um, not so bad? You can check for 663's reopening over here. Good morning!