Hey, Dan! I love your column; read it every chance I get. I'm a 19-year-old girl with a question. I consider myself straight in the respect that I could only ever see myself in a romantic, committed relationship with a man, and thus far I've only ever been with dudes. However, I find women extremely attractive and the idea of fucking a lady turns me WAY on. Like I said, I don't feel like I could ever be in a long-term relationship with a woman (although I'm not opposed to trying new things) and don't particularly have the desire to do so, but they are so hot! What would I be "classified" as? Not that I'm all into labels, I'm just curious. Would I be a bi-curious heterosexual? Or just straight up bisexual? Or something else? Just wondering! Thanks for the help,

Can't Understand, Need Tutorial

My response鈥攁 brief one, with a link鈥攁fter the jump.


You're bi.

You're bi in the exact same way lots of other bisexuals are bisexual. Embrace the label, CUNT, and don't actively or passively mislead any of the girls you're into. And trust me: there are lots of women out there鈥攂i, lesbian, and straight-identified鈥攚ho either don't want a relationship or who won't want a relationship with you. (Read that again, CUNT, and try not to mix those two things up.) You'll get plenty of pussy, if pussy is what you want, but don't let the women you hit on, flirt with, or fuck make the entirely reasonable assumption that you're open to dating them鈥攏ot unless you want someone to slap a "misleading bitch" label on your forehead.