Well, consider the audience's average I.Q..
So, if this was a totally new idea... what was he doing running for president in 2008? Did he hit his head and get amnesia in between? Or does he just hope WE all did?
Technically it COULD be considered true - since he never really stopped running from 2008. So maybe he hesitated a bit like Nov. 3 2008, for like an hour.
"i'm reluctant to run because if i do, i'm going to fucking LOSE. and then i'll be a loser".
You're forgetting that every time the electorate fails to send Mitt to Washington he burnishes his credentials as a Washington Outsider. We can only make him stronger!
What's more offensive to me is the notion that running for President is purely motivated by altruism.

(Re: this country is in so much trouble!")

By 2016, he'll really be reluctant because he'll have to use his own billions.
Gee whiz, you're scraping the bottom of the barrel to say negative things about Republicans no matter the trival nature of the comment.

You know, in polite society, it's generally considered de classe to attack a man's wife like that.

But...well...this is this...
@8 That's sexist horseshit. Ann Romney is her own woman, not just "a man's wife", and is thus subject to being called out when she's making shit up.
Paul, in all honesty and respect, you're getting a little too deep into their rhetoric. Nothing they say is the truth in any meaningful way. Wait a sec, here, read this. It might help with a broader perspective on the current switch. A little bit of a deeper breath.
@8: sell it to your fellow conservatives attacking michelle obama for promoting exercise and nutrition.
@4 I about lost it from laughing so hard after reading your post....................too funny and right on.

@8 I agree with Max Solomon....this President (and his wife) have been more disrespected than any first couple in history.
Nice work on the "tone troll". But you could do with a few improvements.

"You know, in polite society, it's generally considered de classe to attack a man's wife like that."

No. That's true in cases where the woman is understood to be ONLY the "man's wife".

Fortunately, the "Liberals" have progressed beyond that. Hence the way she was identified as "Ann Romney" rather than "Mrs. Mitt Romney".
Another meaningless post from Paul Constant. Every candidate probably weighs the pros and cons of running over and over again with wives and their advisors.
Oh please, yes Paul is a shitty political journalist, but this is clearly a bald-faced lie on A. Romney's part.

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