1. Are you ready for real-life Google Goggles?

The New York Times' Nick Bilton is quoting "Google employees familiar with the project" as saying that Mountain View's long-rumored skunkworks technology — heads-up glasses with integrated connectivity and navigation features — will be on sale this year. That could be construed as an aggressive-sounding schedule, but it's said that the company is looking at this more of an "experiment" than a profitable product — idea first, revenue streams later. And the price might be low enough to at least get a few techies interested: "around the price of current smartphones..."

If you can't read tech-ese, this basically means that they're 3G-enhanced glasses with built-in navigation and search results controlled by imperceptible nods of the head. Terminator-vision for everyone!

2. In other creepy tech news, a billboard in London can recognize your gender, and will advertise gender-specific content to you based on that assessment.

...the billboard has a camera that scans passersby and if one stops to look, it determines their sex and shows them a 40-second video if they are female. Males only get a link to the advertiser’s website.

If you were a male wearing the Google glasses, you could presumably follow that link just by staring at it. Weird.