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Below the comments there's a related story: "GOP Candidates inches apart in Alabama three-way." I can't wait to see who comes out on top!
That headline totally made my morning.
Oh great, ANOTHER kind of three-way that I'll never get to try.
@4, it's an Alabama 3 way. It involves close familial relationships, and stained, stretched out white taknn tops. You really don't want to try that kind of three-way.
sorry, that was 'tank tops'....
@5, my Alabama cousins prefer NASCAR Ts to tank tops - the tradition passed from father to son is to roll a pack of smokes up one sleeve so it's handy for whenever the family bareback is done.
Sites like Weld for Birmingham and Left in Alabama fill me with hope that smart and sassy Southern progressives will yet beat back the knuckledragging mouthbreathers.
Pictures or it didn't happen!
How come no one is telling Dan to grow up? Sheesh.
Holy crap, check out another jawdropper that Santorum spewed.…
My fave: "Tee Hee Hee. The headline. I'm twelve right now."
@10 Recognition of a lost cause?
Chicago Fan. So totally not fair right? Be patient. I'm sure someone will get around to mentioning it eventually.
Believe me, nothing ruins an Alabama three way faster than just a hint of Santorum.
Since he very obviously has a martyr complex, Santorum probably revels in these as signs of God's plan for testing his faith. Each of these headlines must put him in ecstasy. I'll bet he takes off his hair shirt and does a little self-flagellation.
Three drunk guys in a hunting blind, two of whom are related.
What's going on? Are you folding?
@8 Agreed. It's wit like that that makes it impossible for me to totally give up on the South. That and, aside from the politics, the region actually really is filled with some of the nicest people you'll find on the face of the planet.
@10, isn't the advice in the first comment something that you would also give to students?

This is what I'm getting at when I talk to my students about the power of word choice and word order.
I must have refrigerator blindness, but I don't see comments...
Yeah the comments are great. Some of the best comedy gold, however, is provided by numerous clueless Paultards (redundant, I know) who seem oblivious to the joke and complain about the lack of mention of Ron Paul. Sheesh.

And yes they clearly are playing with us. The Weld publisher admits this. One of the comments (from a guy named Dan appropriately enough) said
One of those unintentional headlines that is too good not to share.

To which the publisher replied
Unintentional? Please, Dan. Give us a little credit here.
@12 YES! That was my favorite here, too :D
@21. If you're using an ad blocker you must enable Javascript to run from whichever site is serving the comments. Sometimes it's two sites -- one for the comment display script and another for the actual comments. When in doubt, enable all.
I can't get on the site. I wonder if their servers are a little overwhelmed.
How appropriately ironic for a Mormon like Romney to have Santorum on his butt.....
Alabama is nasty, y'all.
Social Conservatives are like Gérard Depardieu in Mon père, ce héros (or the remake, My Father The Hero) and American Society circa 2012 is like the daughter, Véronique (Nicole).

The SCs are always trying to keep American Society on a short leash, wanting us to be a "good girl", but we escape into town, do what we have to do, and Social Conservatives come huffing and puffing around the corner, a few seconds too late, to exhale "ohhh, noooo".
GOP pundits frothing at the mouth over aired dirty laundry.
@24 Thank you.
Santorum. What an idiot. I hope he gets nominated.

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