OCCUPY THE MAYORS COUCH: This is what snuggling looks like.
  • OCCUPY THE MAYOR'S COUCH: This is what snuggling looks like.

A Slog tipper reports from the foyer outside Mayor Mike McGinn's office: "Fifty occupiers occupying 7th floor of City Hall demanding removal of Chief John Diaz!"

No additional details as of this moment, but they're taking the right message to the right place. Let's just hope the Occupy Seattle folks can keep it civil, avoiding the "All cops are bastards" chant they've taken to other recent police protests.

UPDATE at 4:00 PM: I've added the photo via a tipper. Meanwhile, another tipper says the Occupiers have poured fake blood somewhere in the building. The group has also issued a statement, which I've posted after the jump.

In consideration of the Seattle Police Department’s abuse of the citizens of Seattle, its violent and unnecessary repression of nonviolent protesters and its disproportionate targeting of the most disenfranchised members of society, we are here to announce that John Diaz does not have the mandate of the people; he will no longer be the Chief of the Seattle police department. We demand the immediate prosecution of all officers found to be repeatedly engaged in misconduct, including Ian Birk, the murderer of John T. Williams.

After the release of the department of justice report, this city government has shown itself to be more interested in diffusing public outrage than quelling the rampant violence of the SPD.

But we also understand that direct police brutality is not the only issue.

Our entire legal system disproportionally targets communities of color, whether by enforcing foreclosure evictions on behalf of the big banks, maintaining enormous Stay Out of Drug Areas, or enforcing mandatory incarceration of those picked up for nonviolent crimes.

So long as some people have to choose between feeding their families and getting their rent paid there is no equality before the law because the law itself embraces that inequality. We will never be equals in ownership, never equal before the police. As our homes are foreclosed on, our wages cut, our futures pulled from underneath us, there is nothing left but for us to disobey, to disrupt.

This police department enforces the rule of the 1%, an untenable, unjust dominion which will not be allowed to continue.

Finally, in honor of all those harassed, beaten and murdered, we ask for a moment of silence.