Also, she tells pregnant girls their "lives are over." The ACLU is—the unsung heroes in the effort to protect LGBT kids from ILLEGAL bullying and harassment in their schools—is all over it:

The American Civil Liberties Union and the ACLU of Tennessee sent a letter to the superintendent of the Haywood County school district superintendent after receiving reports that a high school principal said gay students are “not on God’s path” and threatened to expel them if they publicly showed affection for members of the same sex.... Multiple students contacted the ACLU to express concerns about an assembly that took place on Feb. 9. At the assembly, Principal Dorothy J. Bond reportedly said that gay people are “ruining their lives” and threatened to administer severe punishment—including 60-day suspensions, assignments to an alternative school or expulsion—to any students who were observed publicly displaying affection for members of the same sex.

The school already has a policy on public displays of affection that is neutral regarding sexual orientation. The incident appears to be part of a broader pattern of official anti-gay remarks and policies by the principal, and of incorporating prayers and proselytizing into school events. On one occasion, school officials scolded students who did not bow their heads in prayer and threatened them with discipline. On another occasion, the principal told a lesbian student that she would go to “hell” because of her sexual orientation.

“Students have the right to be who they are at school,” said Amanda Goad, staff attorney with the ACLU LGBT Project. “LGBT students and pregnant and parenting students have just as much right to complete their education as any other student, but too often they face significant barriers or outright discrimination. It’s appalling to think that a principal would kick students out of public school based on her personal religious views.”

News report here:

Haywood County? Take it form the school district that tried to ban Constance McMillian from attending her senior prom with a female date: the ACLU means business and they will fuck you up. If the reports are true, that woman needs to be fired. And policies need to be put in place to make sure this doesn't happen again.

Ready to fly, monkeys? John at Americablog has tracked down all the relevant contact info:


Marlon King, Superintendent: (tel. 731-772-9613)
Harold Garrett, Chmn Bd of Educ:
Robbie Jarrett-King, Vice-Chair bd of ed:


Principal Dorothy J. Bond:
Vice Principal Michelle Tillman:
Assistant Principal Drayton Hawkins:

Be firm, be furious—but be polite.

Fly, monkeys, fly.