Regarding the running for office, I have a friend who is doing exactly that: he's going up against Speaker Frank Chopp:
Regarding the traffic circle idea: usually when a development is going to worsen traffic conditions in Washington State they're required to pay for upgrades in the nearby transportation infrastructure. Unfortunately, they have up to six years to do it, but if they delay they have to put money in trust to pay for it. Might be worth checkin with the building department to see if the developer is already going to do some transportation upgrades. If not, demand a copy of the SEPA checklist conducted for the site and pay special attention to the transportation section of the checklist. If it's inaccurate or done badly you can sue.
Everett has installed outdoor pianos in the downtown core for the last two years (in the summer).
It is very nice.
There is always the Opportunity Fund through the Park's Levy for ideas like the Pianos in the Parks.…
pianos in the park...what a brilliant idea. because the homeless, junkies, and punk kids are getting bored fucking up the parks as is.
Ideas schmeideas. The fun here is googling the entrants.
Maxx Brown bartends at King's Hardware in Ballard:…

Dick Dorsett ("everybody run for office") was until recently with political consulting firm Strategies 360:…

Carl Goodman's apparently of an age where photos of yourself on the internet are rare - he's guest blogged on Pike/Pine design review issues - here's his earlier Stranger mention:…

Elliott Helmbrecht ("ladybug intersection") is one of Toby's Washington Bus Cuteypie squad:…

Seth Geiser and Kirk Hovenkotter ("build community in little used streets") are both urban planning students at UW. Seth is a two-time planning intern who rocks a motherfucking chinstrap beard:…
And here' s slender laughing redhead Hovenkotter dressed as a Sound Transit light rail car.…
He has also blogged about the environmental benefits of keeping one's Valentine's Day shopping dollars in Redmond.…
Yay for ideas and writings! I'm confused by the "dumb little stub of Summit Avenue" reference, though. You mean the place that has already been turned into a cool little park with gardens and skateboarding?
@7, cast your mind's eye to that cool little park. Now roll your mind's eye south on Summit past the Gaybucks, then just across Olive Way. That bit of Summit before you hit Denny is the stub referred to in the yay-writing that got you wondering.
Pianos in parks?!

Dear Musicians,

It's time YOU were forced to listen to me. Not everyone wants to hear your bullshit all the fucking time. If you want to listen to music at the park them put on some headphones.
Denver does all above things better than us. Mostly in the parks and pianos realm.
I don't know about pianos in the parks, but I did run across a piano at Amsterdam's Schiphol airport. They keep a nice Kawai grand in the concourse near the airport library, a branch of the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam (art museum) and the Holland Casino. Anyone can play it; they simply ask that you exhibit good taste. I sat down and rambled through a W.C. Handy medley (St. Louis, Memphis, and Hesitatin' Blues) and finished with a little St. James Infirmary.

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