also so excited that you can't spell his name right! Haha. It's Takei, not Takai. :)
Also note that Wil Wheaton is the only one who doesn't charge for his autograph.
Thanks for reminding. Gotta get tickets for this event at Zanadu really soon.
The most exciting thing about Comicon is that it means Sakura-Con is coming soon.
Did you see that Capitol Hill superhero Cathy Hillenbrand is going to be on a panel with Jim Woodring and Ellen Forney? Talking about Seattle counter-cultural comics? I sure hope you're all over that.
@4 for the OMG! Pink Unicorns! win.
Check out the Queers in Gaming panel that will be hosted by several local gaming industry and comic publishing folks. It's listed on Saturday at 5pm, but they will be moving it to Saturday at 11am so it doesn't conflict with George Takei's panel.
I'm sorry I can't understand paying to go to an event that is like a Mc Autograph event
Stand in line to Stand in line, Pay to get in to Pay to go to the major events

ONE even ONE price!

I pay to go I should get something out of it.

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