Enriched with two contributions from a "Richard Long," the group trying to overturn Washington State's marriage equality law reported it first set of donors today to the Washington State Public Disclosure Commission.

You can check out the Preserve Marriage Washington reports here, which show $4,215.00 in cash contributions and $11,825.59 in in-kind contributions to the "No on R-74" effort. The in-kind donations are entirely from the National Organization for Marriage (NOM) and Family Policy Action (an arm of Focus on the Family).

But here's what's missing from the records: that anonymous million-dollar pledge.

Last month, shortly before filing Preserve Marriage Washington's referendum petition, Pastor Joe Fuiten—one of the campaign's leaders—told Q13 that "there was a commitment of $1 million made to this campaign.” Since then, NOM has promised to help the campaign, leading many to believe NOM was the anonymous donor. That seemed to be confirmed when NOM's Christopher Plante flew into Washington State on February 13 and claimed that each side will spend $2 million to $6 million. But for now, there's no record of the pledge.

According to the PDC, Preserve Marriage Washington must file a record of any pledges made in February by midnight tonight. If they don't, either they're derelict in reporting or the money ain't there.