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"The GOP is only growing older and whiter." And meaner and more oppressive, I would like to add.
Fortunately for the GOP though, old white people tend to have the highest voter turnout.
Finish the story Charles, tell us why you think or don't think that Mitt inherited his fathers advocacy of civil rights.
Speaking of MLK and George Romney, Mitt Romney has been caught in a lie. In a 2007 interview with Tim Russert on "Meet The Press" Mitt Romney claimed that he saw his father march with MLK. A few weeks later he had to back track and admit that his father never marched with MLK.…………
@4 - Catch Mitt Romney telling the truth and you will impress me.
More importantly, Mitt Romney needs to be asked the following question:

"Prior to 1978, it was Mormon Church doctrine that blacks could not become priests and also could not get into the highest realm of Heaven. Did you, as a leader of the Church, ever PUBLICLY condemn this doctrine and seek for its reversal?"

(Romney served as a regional church leader and is considered a high priest in the Mormon church)…
@6 Romney's family has been big in the Mormon world since the beginning, but the LDS doesn't change policy just because someone starts agitating.
That's not even remotely how they operate, and it's not fair or reasonable to hold one person responsible for an entire movement he doesn't control. You can't ask Newt why he hasn't eliminated racism from the southern GOP, or Ricky why he hasn't brought all the pedophile priests to justice.
and yet, the party of old & white (and rich, devious and unscrupulous) controls the house, and could win the presidency.

I don't understand how George Romney could have qualified as president had he won. He was born in Mexico. His parents were not there in military or diplomatic capacities. Does anyone know the answer to this?
His parents were US citizens.
@9. As far as I know natural-born citizen means "citizen at birth," not "born on US territory." Being born to American parents is enough.

Bullshit. If you are a leader in an organization and that organization espouses blatant racist views, then you should either quit the organization or at least publicly say that you oppose the views of your organization.

Santorum is not a Catholic priest. Romney is a Mormon high priest.

It IS fair to ask Romney if he ever PUBLICLY opposed such a disgusting tenet of his church.

His church's official doctrine was that blacks were inferior to whites and that they could not get into the highest levels of Heaven. That is a huge deal. It is not like asking him if he drinks coffee or if he wears "magic" underwear.
@12 You must not understand how the LDS church functions. Every man who is a faithful member is a "high priest" in his local ward. It's more like being a lay minister. He's not the one giving sermons every sunday, setting church policy, or writing theological treatises in the Deseret Press. Just because he's related to a quarter of Utah and has a ton of money doesn't mean he calls the shots. He could get his kids into BYU, but he doesn't get to pick the next Prophet, or tell the current one what to say.

Romney is not an average Mormon.

He has given tens of millions of dollars to the church. His father was a governor of a large state. While he was a missionary in France, he lived in a castle.

Like it or not, he has been a leader in the church and should be asked questions about the churches long history of misogyny and racism.
See, I miss the days, not that long ago, when the Republican Party wasn't dominated by extremists.

And my understanding of Mormom theology is that the missing tribe of Israel were these white people who sailed all the way from the Holy Land across the Mediterranean, past Gibraltar into the Atlantic, and clear across to America, thousands of years ago in what we would call the Bronze Age (I guess). Then, in the New World, they encountered the previous inhabitants, who were the children of Satan, or something, and all had dark skin. And there was a big war (the Book of Mormon is huge on war and bloodshed; that's all it is from cover to cover, unlike the Bible) and all the white people were slaughtered, leaving only the children of Satan, which we today more commonly refer to as Native Americans. This is what Mormons teach and believe. True story.
@13 (Vic)
"It's more like being a lay minister."

And? I'm nobody and yet I can still make public statements about things I think are wrong.

Romney was somebody in his church. What did he do?

"Just because he's related to a quarter of Utah and has a ton of money doesn't mean he calls the shots."

This isn't about calling "the shots".
This is about taking a public stand that you think something is wrong and should be changed.
Did Romney do that? So far it looks like he did not.
If you cannot stand up to blatant racism in your own church, how are you going to handle a world crisis?
Romney couldn't even stand up to Limbaugh's "slut" and "prostitute" statements.
Eventually they will die off, either from inflammation-linked diseases, pleurisy (my grandma was the survivor of the first operation for that), or CVD.

Sadly, they will try to destroy America first, to fulfill their vision of the End Times.
Charles, Charles, Charles, you socialist ignorant twit. Don't you know George Romney was Born in Mexico. Not a Real American. Born in Mexico. Of course he sided with that radical Martin Luther King against the great and True American, Berry Goldwater.

George Romney was a Mexican. Thus by definition everything he ever said or did was UnAmerican.
Good Afternoon Charles,
Coming from the Nation, I'm not surprised at their senitment (animus?) at the GOP. The GOP prior to the 1930s was the party African-Americans turned to when they were able to vote and up until the 1960s commanded a sizable contingent of the that demographic group's votes. "Abe Lincoln a Republican, freed the slaves" after all.

Yes, I know that changed. But, it might account for some of George Romney's popularity among African-American voters back in 64'.
Charles is a stinky nig

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