And yet The Stranger has an upcoming fundraiser there.

Goldy must be losing his shit about now.

If you go, tip your server.
Does the Stranger use union staff and if not, why not?
I look forward to the Glass House opening. I've never seen a large collection of Tomorrow's Garage Sale Items before.
They should be upset. Goldfucker probably makes more than they do (and yet they provide a service).
@1 when is the fundraiser? Do they have time to settle the dispute until then? Because if yes, then its only good that the Stranger does have a fundraiser there and they can put some pressure on the employer to settle it.

You got to be kidding me! Unions suck the life out of businesses. Businesses have the right to make money - they put up all the risks. And the vast majority of union dues and time goes to taking care of the slackers and trouble-makers. They can't make it on their own merit and work ethic at a company, so they have to band together. Then the FORCE others to join the union or they can't work there. How fair is that bs?!

The union mantra - the longer I work the more you should pay me. How well I do my job shouldn't matter. Measure performance?! HA! Are you crazy?! Why do I have to do my job well, or in a productive way?!

Union members are supposed to represent everyone, but that's not what happens at all. They defend and support the lazy, lying, stealing, mediocre-at-best workers. While the good ones have to pay dues anyway because they're forced to.

Unions = socialist = thugs = fat = gimme-gimme-gimme = white people acting like they're protecting the poor souls who would be in a slave shop if it weren't for the union leaders. Sure, alll managers are evil, and prey upon the weak. Unions have been useless for decades - that's why their rank and file membership #s keep dropping.

Go get a real job - on your own MERIT.

The worst of the worst - those protecting government employees. Check the papers people. Wake up and stop playing like people are so weak they need the protection of goons.

I used to work at the Space Needle as a line cook. UNITE HERE does nothing but take money away from the employees. Seriously. Fuck UNITE HERE.

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