TIME Magazine has another piece about the secret deal between Mitt Romney and Ron Paul, with a few more details, including what sounds like confirmation from some of the people inside the Paul campaign. Of course, many other Paul fans continue with their absurd hero worship:

Paul’s acolytes insist their man cannot be bought. “Romney wants the ring of power. He wants it so bad,” says Doug Wead, a Paul senior adviser. “Negotiating with Ron Paul is very difficult because he doesn’t want anything. If he got the ring, he would throw it into Mount Doom.”

Slog readers believe that Ron Paul is ensuring that Rand Paul winds up on the VP ticket. TIME isn't so sure about that, but they do think Rand Paul could be getting a position of some importance with a potential Romney presidency.

The big question, of course, is whether Ron Paul's fans will sell out when their Dear Leader insists that it's time for them to sell out. Ron Paul fans loathe Mitt Romney right now, because he's all about big government spending on the military, and he created Romneycare, which, if you ask the right folks, literally shits on the Constitution. But Ron Paul fans can justify Ron Paul's long bigoted history and his association with white supremacists, so surely they'd be able to cough up a few more excuses for Mitt Romney? Or is that a bridge too far? Let's settle this with a poll: