Intimidation and suppression is far easier and less expensive than due diligence. If Occupy picks up again in the spring/summer, expect more pepper spray to be used by law enforcement nationwide.
Actually letting people have and exercise the Constitutional Rights they are empowered with costs Too Big To Fail banks money.

Which they can't then ship out of the country to create jobs overseas while impoverishing American citizens, ok?
This is great news for America, horrible news for banks that claim they are too big to fail. Fuck you very much, Jaimie Diamon!
Yee-haw! Jury nullification!

I have video of the red-headed cop who did all that pepper-spraying wearing two different badge numbers in front of Chase that day.
Occupy Seattle... rings a bell... no, don't tell me... seems like they used to do stuff a while back?
They still have a FB group. Just ask the five FBI agents on it, they could give you a more accurate count, @5.
OS is sooooo 2011. Haven't they heard, the economy is back baby!

Btw did Ian Finklefunk ever produce Jennifer Pox-face's fetus? Any followup Slog?
It bears mentioning that your freedom of speech does not extend to private property you don't own (e.g. the lobby of a bank). These five got off on a technicality. Lucky them. I'm no fan of Chase or Mr. Dimon, either, but you do not have a right to use (or damage) their property in order to make your point. You can (and should) use your property, or public property, to do so. When Dr. Laura screeched that her freedom of speech was being abridged because her advertisers pulled their money and they killed her show she was wrong, and was rightly called out for it. Neither her network nor her advertisers were obliged to provide her with a platform. That applies to Occupy, as well, though. Chase is not obliged to provide a venue to people who object to their business practices. You don't have to like it for it to be true, and it's not only true when it's someone you disagree with.

99% of Americans get their money from the cashier at the supermarket.

Protesting finance by picketing a "bank branch" is like protesting the auto industry by picketing a wheelwright for Conestoga wagons.

Occupy is really more like the bleating of urbist dinosaurs sinking into the La Brea tarpits, as almost everyone and their brother heads to the suburbs.
# 8, funny that's exactly what the defense council for the Chase 5 argued the last three days in front of the jury. Because Chase is the recipient of huge amounts of federal bailout $$$, and the fact that they have used that money to buy Treasury bonds instead of the "trickle down", the bank is now a defacto public entity of which tax payers have a right to exercise their 1st amendment privileges.
The judge disallowed this defense in jury instructions, but the defendants successfully articulated it in their own testimony, despite objections from the DA. Guess the jury thinks Chase owes them a little something for all $$$$ Chase has been hoarding.
Lets hope this news doesnt empower these idiots to continue using Capitol Hill as a battleground for their bitching and moaning about everything thats wrong with the world that they cannot possibly change.
Yay for the Chase 5!
@10 the banks have already paid back TARP ya moron.

Btw haven't you heard? Bank lending is up as the economy improved. Now you baby mama won't be able to get a ARM loan, ever again. But loans for those of us who pay them back are on a roll. I just got a 30 yr fixed for 3.9%, no closing costs, sonthe banks aren't hoarding from the credit worthy.
@12 hey Ian Finklewanker, where's the 'yeah' for Jennifer Pox's fetus?

We're waiting. All the while that pink gerbil you pulled from your ass and stuck on your head is looking feral.
"Lets hope this news doesnt empower these idiots to continue using Capitol Hill as a battleground for their bitching and moaning about everything thats wrong with the world that they cannot possibly change."

You're right. Maybe it will disempower them enough to take your lead and spend all their time bitching and moaning on the Slog about all the things they're too cynical/apathetic/smug to even attempt to change.

Beats shitting on the sidewalk.
@8 PCB wrote, "These five got off on a technicality."

I wasn't able to attend, and I haven't spoken to defendants or attorneys since the first day of the trial, but I'm pretty sure they didn't "get off on a technicality" but that the jury believed that they were technically guilty, but undeserving of punishment. It's jury nullification.

"Too big to fail" means above the law, and having businesseses as powerful as Chase operate above the law frightens me. I wish people would do what these five did -- legally, according to a jury of their peers -- every day at branches of every bank we were forced to bail out and of every bank involved in mortgage fraud. I don't know what it will take to get people to stop doing business with these crooks instead of with more community-focused, honest alternatives, but if five people laying down in the lobby will get them to close up shop for the day, I'm all for an exemption in the trespassing law to allow it.
I am proud to be an Occupyer, the 5 stood tall and won. This was a huge victory, not just for Occupy but, for all Americans. Congratulations 5!!!!

"This was a huge victory, not just for Occupy but, for all Americans"

Huge! Super Huge!! Page 6, next to Nordstrom underwear ad, below the fold huge!! Fucking huge!! 

THanks for the laff.
Congrats to the Chase 5! Thanks for sitting down and making a stand. Kudos!

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