One less rat on the ship:

Wisconsin state Sen. Pam Galloway (R) is resigning from the chamber today, citing a family health situation. Galloway was one of the targeted incumbents in upcoming recall elections.

This also means that as of now, the Republicans have officially lost their Senate majority, leaving the chamber split 16-16. The recall elections to come will determine who takes the majority.

According to TPM, the Lt. Governor in Wisconsin does not wield a tie-breaking vote, so some sort of power sharing agreement is the only alternative. Good luck with that.

Also, Galloway's recall race now becomes a special election, and since it's a traditionally Democratic-leaning district that Galloway captured by a 5-point margin during the 2010 Big Red Wave™, it appears the Dems stand a good chance taking full control of the Senate by June 5. Sweet.