I show my unflinching support for Starbucks' support of same-sex marriage by buying something there at least once a week. When I hear that unpleasant folks like Maggie Gallagher insist on making trouble, it makes me think about doubling my support.

You rock, Starbucks. Don't cave.
Live stream of the shareholders meeting is here:…
be polite?

kinda like speading santorum

someone is growing up a little!
@2) Thanks, Elaine! I added the link to the post.
Thanks for supporting Starbucks @1. Instead of doubling your coffee intake, though, maybe you should give your money to the campaign Starbucks endorsed
When is NOM going to comply with several sate laws and release the names of their donor(s)?
Oh please. She could organize the world's biggest bigot boycott of Starbucks and it would barely dent their profits. They should double-dog dare her. (And, yeah, it took all my willpower to refrain from making at least two terrible Starbucks-related puns in that post).
If she's willing to set foot in Seattle, that means she's no longer afraid of catching "the gay." That's progress, people. Maybe now she can get a decent haircut.
Maggie apparently remains unsated, @6.
Is Maggie Gallagher a shareholder? If not, arrest her for trespassing.
In other marriage equality news, the New Hampshire House is debating overturning that state's marriage equality law RIGHT NOW.

This is why you never vote for Republicans, even if they claim to be moderates. They're rat bastards, always!

Listen live:……
"to be candid, it was not a difficult decision for us." I don't even like coffee, but I feel like I should go to Starbucks now. Is their tea any good?
@12: Their tea is pretty good. I recommend the iced tea lemonade.
This worked so well for Hutch at the Microsoft shareholders meeting.
I'm pretty sure that the people who would boycott Starbucks do not outnumber those who would support Starbucks on this. Maggie is only going to bring them MORE business, IMHO.
What a maroon.

Everyone knows the only reason to protest Starbuxx is because HOWARD SCHULTZ SOLD THE SONICS OUT FROM UNDER THE CITY OF SEATTLE.

@13 - I love that ice-tea lemonade. But it's weird that they put additional sweetener in it. (You have to tell them not to.) The whole charm of an ice-tea lemonade is that it's half as sweet.

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