Because he is an uncreative boor, Herman Cain put out a new ad that is just like his fucking insane goldfish ad. Only instead of stimulus, the little girl is railing against "small business under the current tax code," and instead of a flopping goldfish, the victim is a fuzzy bunny put into a catapult and fired into the sky. A skeet-shooter blows the adorable bunny up with a single bullet, and then the ad closes with Herman Cain looking down from a peak, just like the last video.

What a fucking idiot. Doesn't he know that the thing about being weird is that you can't be weird the same exact way twice? Because if you do that, you're revealing the fact that you got lucky the first time. This video simply won't have the same traction as the first video, because its makers have revealed that they're in on the joke, and nobody likes it when Herman Cain is in on the joke. We want to laugh at him, not with him. I'm not going to embed the video here, because it's just too dumb. Here's a link, but I encourage you to not add to the view totals.

In fact, the only funny thing about this video is that for about an hour this morning, YouTube had pulled it and marked it as "a violation of YouTube's policy against spam, scams, and commercially deceptive content." Now that's comedy.