Neol Frame
  • Noel Frame
After my interview with Evan Clifthorne, I asked a few of the six other candidates in the 36th District legislative race what they thought about Clifthorne's work for anti-gay-marriage State Senator Paull Shin.

Noel Frame, head of Progressive Majority of Washington State, had the toughest response:

From my perspective as the Deputy Campaign manager for the Referendum 71 campaign, marriage equality is long overdue.

Ref. 71 upheld domestic partnerships and helped pave the way for full marriage equality this year, but it took a long time to get there because of opponents like Sen. Shin.

While I take Evan at this word that he's a full supporter of marriage equality, continuing to work for a legislator who opposed marriage equality is his call, and for that, he will have to answer to the voters. It is unconscionable to me that our society would deny committed gay and lesbian couples the right to marry the person they love. Now that far right-organizations are trying to overturn our historic marriage equality law, I believe we must come together as a community to defend equality for all.

In tomorrow's Stranger: What 36th District Rep. Reuven Carlyle had to say about it all.