Please understand there's a lot of us 99-percenters out there who don't have the luxury of quitting a job due to policy differences with the boss. The "principled resignation" is great for people of means, who either don't need employment or can do without it for an extended period. The rest of us have to eat, pay the bills, and support our families.
Eh, Evan isn't viable in the 36th. The more important part of the quote is her passionate support for marriage equality. Long overdue!
@1, well said! The problem with the ideologues who have been jumping all over Evan is that they obviously live in some sort of fantasy world where jobs in their particular line of work are plentiful and interchangeable.

What's next for these ideologues? Insist that everyone in Shin's district move elsewhere regardless of how much money they will lose on the sale of their house or else they will incur the shame of the dreaded Stranger "bigot" label?

But I'm not applauding Evan for staying for monetary reasons (and I don't know that he did), I am applauding Evan for staying for political and practical reasons. Politics relies on influence and compromise here in the real world (i.e., not as it exists in the blind zealot pages of the ever-shrieking Stranger), and sometimes it is better to stay and work within the system to try to change things than it is to give up and go home (or in Evan's case, to the unemployment line).

Do you think Ed Murray should have given up trying to work with his colleagues simply because they didn't agree with him the first time he tried to get a marriage equality bill passed? Certainly not - he had to stay the course and keep trying to change things from within the system, not throw a hissy fit and walk away. And thank God he did!

As if the Clifthorne interview wasn't tedious enough to read through, much less sit through, now this "follow-up" rekindles the already over-covered issue. Seriously, is this guy going to have to spend his whole campaign re-answering this question? And who cares what Noel thinks about it, she gets one vote, just like the rest of the 36th.
This is silly. Evan is pro marriage equality, and his work for Senator Shin (despite Shin being wrong on marriage equality) is an absolute asset to his candidacy. Demanding that everyone answer for everything their boss says and does feels like lazy, cynical politicking.
Is Noel that craven she has to attack people to boost her own campaign?
@5, welcome to Slog babe!
For all of you who have your heads collectively up Evan's ass--no one is forcing you to read Slog or have anything to do with Slog. If you don't like their approach to dealing with political or social subjects, then start a blog of your own.
What a bunch of fucking whiners.
For the record, Enumclaw Eli once worked for The Seattle Times.
Noel Frame needs to get on her bike and ride.
Got no idea who Evan is and don't really care. But- Eli - this is the grating sound of an ax grinding, and it's causing the teeth to ache. You are better than Fox News. Damn.
Hey, even the Dalai Lama is anti-homo, didn't stop settle from giving the Dolly a reach-around in 08.
In next week's Stranger: What your Starbucks barista thinks about it all! The week after: What a local fifth-grader thinks about it all!

Seriously. I really thought this was parody when I first saw it. There is a glut of important issues floating out there and this is what the Stranger takes to every fucking candidate like a pissed off pomeranian??

As for the issue itself - this Evan guy says he supports marriage equality, nuff said. Or should we never again support anyone who worked for Obama, since he is hostile to - er, "evolving on" - full LGBTQ rights?

Ah, I should have guessed this is the tack The Stranger would take. We're far enough out from the Primaries that there aren't enough election stories to matter. What's better than creating a fake issue & then trying to get the candidates to snipe at each other over it?! A candidate says he believes in something & you know you have no reasonable opposition to what he says so you go after the people with whom he associates as evidence of... something. Either call Evan a bigot-by-paycheck as you're trying to insinuate & stand by it or move onto other issues that will actually matter after Ref 74 passes.

For the sake of argument, Stranger writers/editors - have you ever strongly disagreed with a position (let's say, oh I don't know... The Iraq War) that your current Editorial Director took with which you strongly disagreed. It was an immoral, indefensible position. Why didn't your resign in protest? You don't have constituents to whom you answer, but shouldn't you hold yourselves to the same standard?
Seven democrats running against each other... you dupes honestly think differentiating from each other on issues is going to be straight forward? More of this is what to expect. Especially on issues that are important to people in the district (like marriage equality and lgbt equality in general).
Eli Sanders is no journalist. Pretty pathetic, really. He made some assumptions about Mr. Clifthorne and persisted in trying to present his personal view even after Mr. Clifthorne's honest responses. "Hmmm... for an unbiased view, let's go to a rival candidate to see what they think about this divisive issue that I've manufactured..." Lame.

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