Oh my god, you guys, this is so great. I saw this Buzzfeed link about people posting a barrage of questions about women's health to Rick Perry's Facebook wall (because he's obviously an expert on women's reproductive health, right?), and I almost didn't believe it was real. I went looking to verify that it wasn't one of those funny internet images that someone makes up, and damn. Go look at the comments on any of his posts, and you'll find questions like:

Dear Governor Perry, if my IUD effectively stops my menstrual cycle, do I still need a menstrual hut? If so, can you please remind me of the dimensions (in cubits)? Looking forward to your response.

Governor Perry, I'm post-menopausal, but I'm still having hot flashes. Do you think hormone therapy would help? The therapy would not be identical to contraceptives, so would taking those still be considered sinful? Should I have my husband contact you to discuss this issue so that he can explain it to me in terms that he'll know I can understand?

Gov. Perry, I need your advice. I have a really heavy flow...

Here is a Washington Post blog post about the protest. My productivity for the day is totally shot now. A few more after the jump.

governor perry, during my last two menstrual cycles i've experienced some discomfort while using my diva cup. do you think this could signify some sort of medical condition or would you recommend perhaps a different method of insertion? thanks for your help!!!!!

Hi, Rick!. I was just wondering, I felt a slight twinge in my lower right abdomen. Could I be ovulating?

Governor, If a woman has violated her virginity by using a tampon and her husband wishes to annul the union, how much of her dowry is he entitled to keep?