grats on amateur trolling of a poorly chosen target (an irrelevant politician who will never read any of those comments)
@1: the trolling is entirely appropriate as he is the governor of Texas, a state which recently gutted their state women's health plan specifically targeting any care provided by Planned Parenthood. Care that explicitly has nothing to do with abortion.
Rick Perry is a busy guy, so I think I'll be nice and help him out.

1. Yes you still need a menstrual hut, once a month all women are unclean even if they don't actually experience menstruation. A menstrual hut is 4 cubits by 4 cubits.

2. Hormone therapy is counter to the will of God regardless of its intended usage, so yes taking it would be a Sin. Buy an ice pack.

3. Get thee to a menstrual hut and pray to God for forgiveness for your obvious sinful ways.

4. A diva cup must be inserted while singing very loudly a hymn of praise for the Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.

5. Head immediately to your menstrual hut and pray for forgiveness for your sinful ways.

6. You slut, do you not understand a woman has no rights under God to Uterus or Virgina. It is God's will that only a good Christian Man may penetrate a woman's Virgina. Only a God fearing Christian Man may make decisions concerning a a woman's Uterus. By inserting a tampon into your Virgina and breaking your Hyman you have violated God's Law. Not only may your husband keep your entire dowry, he must stone you to death.

There ya go Rick, no thanks needed, it is a blessing to us all to do God's work and spread his good Word to these ignorant disobedient women.
I kind of want women to be asking these questions face to face to Santorum and Gingrich and Romney.

@3 Funny!
I'm proud to have been banished from Rick Perry's Facebook page for having, repeatedly, written the equivalent of:

"Don't feel bad about being laughed off the Presidential campaign trail, Rick -- you're still Texas' State-Sanctioned Rapist-in-Chief!"

Feel free to use any variation of my comment, if you like, and Rich hasn't banished you yet.
This one is pretty good, too...
"Gov. Perry, I have a friend in Tx. Says the AMC theater in Mesquite is playing atheist commercials. Can anything be done about this?"
OK, I'm not great at Facebook but I don't see any of this on his actual site. Does that mean he already had it cleaned up? I also don't see where I can add to this. Did they lock it down?

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