I thought it was very nice, even if I didn't know a soul there, and felt like a middle-aged hygiene teacher. When I first arrived, and the elevator dumped me off on the Skyline level, I was all like "oh HELL no! I came all the way downtown to be crammed into this afterthought?" But then I had a cocktail, and some very nice young ladies told me I could go upstairs.

I never did find the VIP lounge, as it seemed like pretty much a free-for-all, but after all, Everywhere I go is pretty much a de facto VIP lounge, no?

Also, I simply do not understand why the Space Needle prohibits food and drink on the outside deck during private parties. Are they afraid of people throwing glassware from it? (increasingly difficult, what with all the suicide protections) Serve it in plastic. Problem solved.
That guy in the football sweater is Shaun Scott, a local filmmaker who ROCKS. His documentary, Seat of Empire, is partially about the Seattle skyline. Charles really likes his filmmaking. I was trying all night to get his sweater.…
Thanks, K-Stew!
Loved! My favorite mix of, sexy, diverse, fun, playful....more please!

I believe the Skyline level WAS the VIP lounge. (AKA Purple Wristbandland). Strangely, the food up on the Observation Deck was better; but I didn't get there until around 10:30, so that might not have been the case in the early hours. And really, no Vodka? WTFUWT?

And did anyone catch the two young ladies raiding the swag bags for all the Theo Chocolates? They must have had 20 or 30 bars stuffed into one bag when I walked by them around 11:00 p.m.
@5 Yeah I was disapointed in the whole VIP area. Pinwheels are not an acceptable food for a nice party, guys. The food was gone by 10:30, so maybe thats why the chicks raided the $120 bag worth of stickers. I didnt get one and only one of our bags had the tiny Vita bag.

At one point I couldnt go back to the VIP because it was over capacity and had to wait half an hour. Not bad with a drink and good conversation with a couple nice people, but we didnt need to be snapped at by the elevator lady.

We still had fun. I mean, when your having drinks at the Space Neelde for a great cause with amazing people it's going to be groovy. Definately going general admission next one. They had MUCH more space, top of the needle, better food, more funtivities, etc.
Had to give it a miss since SIFF had a fundraiser with Hopscotch and then did the Sounders game.

Looks like you had fun!
Once they finished the talking part in the VIP lounge around 10, what was with that band that started up? They were honest to God one of the worst bands I've ever heard live. Every song I heard was about 80 beats per minute and super depressing - terrible party music. I fled to the top as quickly as I could when they started. Just put on a record or something. I would be happy to DJ next year gratis.

3 women and two dudes (in that picture).

I guess you have to charge admission to get that kind of ratio going in Seattle...or at least provide the liquor.

I bought a general admission ticket and had a pretty good time. Tasty food, but I was also disappointed with the lack of vodka. VIP people also kept coming upstairs and using their open bar privileges at the general admission bar, so we quickly ran out of gin as well. More hard liquor next time.
@4 Diverse? What? It was like 95% white. Had a good time though. I think.
That girl is beautiful. Ima have to go to the next one.
Of course, that's a fairly narrow field of view.

If the photographer panned around would it be the usual Y-chromosome tilted Seattle Scene?
Kristen Stewart wore that expression better.

@13: What the hell do you have against dudes doing stuff together anyway? Ass.
Oh, Bailo. Still can't get a date in this town? You poor, sad man.

Dear The Stranger: I am so going to next year's event. I will be dressed as Tony Millionaire.

I have nothing against dudes doing stuff together.

Dudes doing stuff together is great.

But you know Seattle, it's All Dudes doing stuff together all dinking day and night and not much else to look at.

So when someone suddenly produces this Magical Scene of actual attractive females between 25-45 in Seattle who aren't tatted up like the Painted Lady or else ready to jump on their Harleys and smash beer steins on some guys head or else waiting there with their palms out for $600 for "the basics" I have to profess a healthy degree of skepticism.



Look, urbard, I call the street as I see it.

Prove me wrong and I'll zip it.

You can't.


It's true.

Somehow I expected that the photos would consist primarily of Ms. Vel-DuRay working her magic... I am thus disappointed and am hoping for an amendment to this post....
And I should have clarified, that is not snark on my behalf.
Bailo, you live in a hell of your own making.
@20, not as nasty as the hell any woman who mistakenly took him up on his charming offers would find herself in.

Bailo's problem is that he wants to date women less than half his age, but they only laugh at him; and women his own age are too smart to have anything to do with him either. His constant complaints of "no women in this town" is like a hiker wearing a clanking pail on his pack complaining that he never sees any deer in the woods.
I went down to smoke a joint and rode the elevator back up with that girl in the green dress. She was funny and hot and just arrived (drunk) from a wedding. I was sad to see her wander off.

@16: in Seattle, it's All Dudes doing stuff together all dinking day and night and not much else to look at

I have no doubt that's what your experience of Seattle or anywhere else is like given your unique ability to repel females.

Christ, you can't even let a perfectly wonderful thread about cunnilingus unfold without chasing all the women away with your repulsiveness and idiocy. Get your shit together, bro, or do the rest of us straight guys a favor and fuck off.
Quincent, you're too kind. Sadly, I'm much more interesting in the abastract.
"They spit on Me" from the Observation deck! Spit on Me and tossed plastic cups at Me and they pissed off the deck too and puked and defecated and shot pistols at low flying aircraft.
More photos here, in a handy-dandy slideshow!
(party pics start at #15 or so)…
And even more photos, by the lovely Shena Lee…
Shoulderpads! GAH!

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