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that is cheap for anything in Tokyo :)
You may be indifferent to cats now, but you have a long life ahead of you. They will get to you one day, mark my words.
It's OK to be indifferent to cats. Most of them are pretty indifferent to us, too.
I really must offer purrs and head-butts for "cat nip."
As long as you don't hate them. THAT would be a personality defect.
I feel about cats the way Bukowski felt about people: "I don't hate them, I just feel better when they're not around".
How 'bout cats AND guns? I'd pay five bucks for a syrupy bucket of latte-snot if it came with a try at shooting a cat. And a Benadryl.
We have used bookstores filled with cats, who needs cafes?
Man, I need my fix, I'll just go hang out at Ophelia's Books in Fremont. They've got three or four cats just roaming the store, who LURVE attention.
Never admit you don't like cats around cat people. They will either try to infect you with the cat madness or begin incessantly talking about cats until you're forced into retreat.
Set up a shop like that with corgis, and I'd start drinking whatever they served.
Am I the only one that would love a cat-cafe that sold vodka-Red-Bulls?
Cats were indifferent first. Cats ftw.
Cienna grew up with cats. We always had several. They would show up and take over our house, with their pushy coy cuteness and claws. One used to shit in our bathtub EVERY FUCKING DAY. Cienna speaks from a Learned Position.
LIke Gods and Religion, it doesn't matter what you love or find comfort in dressing up, pretending it loves you back, I just don't think that anything that shits in one's literal or figurative garden should be hoisted on anyone. Except latte drinkers.
#6 - I'm sure you knew this already, but Bukowski LOVED cats in his later years. As did Twain, Hemingway, W.S. Burroughs. Hitler apparently liked dogs.....

(I like dogs, too :>)
strangers shouldn't try and cuddle with my cat - he goes into a purring trance and tries to bite your face. you have to know what you're doing.
This is why I like my services to have dogs that I can visit. I'm not ready for a dog, but when I get my hair cut or get a massage, free snuggles!
If I have to read one more WiS ftw post I'm going to grab a cat and break it's neck.
This historian* considers your indifference to cats your greatest strength, Cienna.

*I am not a historian.
My god I've found my calling.
@15, good for them. But an affection for cats also means an affection or at least a tolerance for cat HAIR, and that ain't never gonna happen. I also don't think much of cat shit, but all my cat-loving friends apparently adore the stuff, since they can hardly wait to go collect it. And their houses stink of it.

The closest I want to get to cat shit is Susan Mudgett's famous "Deep Shit Cookies", which are light-and-dark roll cookies, filled with a few curls of spaghetti for "roundworms", served in a litter box full of Grape Nuts cereal, with a litter scoop and a few squirts of Hershey's syrup for extra joy. Put it on the floor at your next party, and casually pick one up and eat it while you're talking to that special person you want to impress. Just make sure the cat doesn't get to it before you.…

$10 an hour to pet a pussy?

That's gotta be the cheapest cat house in Tokyo!


I've always felt that cats were a bit on the whorish side. Now they're being pimped by humans. But are dogs pimpable?
Animal welfare aside, this could be good for the environment if it takes off. But then, most space efficiencies that start in Japan, end in Japan.
I'm bookmarking that recipe for future use. That is too awesome.
@24, I've seen people get seriously shaken up by it. Such joy.
The Japanese love cats in cafes, but Americans would indeed go for something more like a Bro-fe, with arm wrestling competitions, fake tanning cubicles, sports, vodka red bulls, and plenty of awesome tribal tattoos.
@7 - You know who else hated cats? Hitler. You should be ashamed.

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