The GOP's efforts to ban contraception and shame women who use it—which I was raising the alarm about in "Savage Love," oh, a decade or so ago—was quickly and effectively rebranded as a "War On Women" by Dems who usually suck pretty hard at that memes and messaging shit. It is a war on women, of course, but let's not forget that it's also a war on men. There aren't a lot of lesbians out there using contraception to prevent unwanted/miraculous lezbo pregnancies. Women use contraception because they wanna have sex with men without getting pregnant. And the overwhelming majority of the men these women fuck—hookups, boyfriends, or husbands—wanna have sex with women without getting a woman pregnant.

Attempts to ban contraception—or to make contraception more difficult to obtain, just as the right has done to abortion—is an attack on male sexual freedom too, even if many men don't see the connection. But, hey, maybe this will help men realize that they've got some skin in this game:

Judith Reisman is the Liberty Counsel's favorite "expert" on issues pertaining to sexuality and the organization regularly offers her a platform from which to spew her theories about how gays are part of the “pedophile movement” which seeks "to obtain sex with as many boys as possible” and that the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network is a “modern version of the Hitler Youth.” ... During the discussion, Reisman was asked if pornography ought to be outlawed, to which she responded with an enthusiastic "yes."

Laugh all you like, guys. But no one thought the GOP would actually go after access to contraception, despite rumblings from rightwing religious conservatives, and those of us who called attention to those rumblings were dismissed as alarmists. And here we are.