Legal Pad Rose, I'm just a legal pad rose...
From Legal Avenuuuuuue.
If it's not Sharon, I'm flipping cars.
Sharon should win but I bet it's Chad. I'm with the flipping cars plan if it ends up being Phi Phi.
You're paying $2.49 for legal pads? If you can suffer through the pain of using plain white ones they're under a buck each at Office Depot. 71 cents for chiffon yellow ones on Amazon. Buy them by the case from a wholesaler and you're probably down around fifty cents.
Oooo, these are pretty (and only $2.05 with Super Saver shipping):…
What? No Peg Bundy?
In processing paperwork at work, I came across a woman named Candice Bones. Give her a doctorate, and I've got my drag-jazz name: Dr. Candy Bones. Now all I need is musical talent and a dress.
4: Yes, it's one of my luxuries. The pink paper is simultaneously inviting and soothing. It's invaluable.
Is it just me or does the name Sharon Needles kind of gives one the creeps?
Bauhaus I @9, I'm guessing you haven't actually seen Sharon Needles perform.
Just so it's not Phi-Phi. I hated Sharon Needles on sight, but she's kinda grown on me. Chad Michaels is my first pick of the ones remaining (since Latrice Royale was eliminated, in a travesty of justice), but Sharon Needles I can live with. JUST. NOT. PHI-PHI.

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