Hell yes to the nth degree! Congrats Eli!!

care bear @29, I giggled at that too, the Pulitzer site specifying the Stranger is a "Seattle (Wash.)" paper, as if there's another Seattle people confuse us with. Plus, two lines above they mention the Seattle Times won yet another Pulitzer but don't seem worried people won't know where they publish. (BTW that was a great fucking story too, Berens and Armstrong really brought it with their investigation of how more than 2,000 deaths from methadone overdose could have been avoided, earning the Times its--can you believe it-- ninth Pulitzer.)
Wow! The Stranger - the little rag that could - has itself a Pulitzer! Aw man, congrats Eli!
Goddamn. Congrats, Eli.
Yep, like #95 said, this is one of the best pieces I read last year, even though it was hard as hell to get through and not something I'd recommend to everyone. And like someone else said, awards are meaningless until the person you think deserves them wins. So this year, the Pulitzer gets it right!
But on a sour note, while the SeaTimes touts their own Pulitzer (well-deserved also) and one to the AP on NYPD spying there's no mention of the Stranger getting one on the front page of their website right now.


I actually saw the news of Eli's Pulitzer on the top of the Seattle Times site in a "Breaking News" thing. It touted theirs and his and even linked to the story, which surprised me.

It's gone now, but it was there for a good hour or so.
Wow. Congratulations!
Eli's piece was great but Jennifer's response was about 1000 times more touching to me. I want to print it out and put it on my wall.
Well dang. Congratulations, Eli! Ain't that a kick in the head. But in a good way! Erm.
In fact, it takes The Stranger to report a local tragedy on such a first-person, human level. You wouldn't get this coverage from the ST or any other local news outlet. This is why Slog became relevant back during the Capitol Hill massacre. Ironically, these aren't just strangers who you write about, but they are one of us, our neighbors, people we see and care about every day. And this perspective is genuine. Great writing Eli.
Gratz, Eli! Now refuse the award, giving your reason as you didn't want to further help whitewash the name of infamous yellow journalist Joseph Pulitzer, just to be funny.
Congratulations. What a wonderful way to start your week!
Congratulations, Eli! I have long admired your work and considered you one of the best journalists I've ever read. Your coverage of this case was so incredibly insightful and compassionate and human. As a journalist, I have no idea how I would have approached that story and am awed by how you did. It has stayed with me months after reading it.

This is so well-deserved. You are truly amazing.
@106: The Times had it at the top of the front page for a couple of hours. And it mentions the Stranger prominently in its story about the prizes.

Whereas the Stranger has not seen fit to even mention the Times, which won its second Pulitzer in three years and ninth overall.
Nothing like some truly good news to keep the trolls at bay, for a few minutes at least.

Congratulations Eli. You now have serious cred at salary negotiation time (you do negotiate salaries at The Stranger...don't you...?)
Congratulations Eli-you are a superstar!
Well deserved. Congratulations!
That piece was the first piece I read after relocating to Seattle a little over a year ago. It was/is quite an emotional and moving article. The recognition is well deserved. Congratulations to you, sir.
HOLY FUCK. I actually started phoning friends and screaming at them in excitement. They all think I've lost it.

This has blown my mind. I am so, so happy for Eli and The Stranger!

(Insert additional three hundred comments of congratulation we happy readers would have left here during the last five hours of website down time on this, The Day Eli Won His First Pulitzer...)
(Of course, it would've been better if the terrible crime had never happened.)
Congratulations, Eli! So proud of you!
Late to the party b/c of the crash of '12, but Eli. What a tremendous achievement for a really spectacular piece of writing!

*deep bow of respect*
Congratulations, Eli! So happy for you.
Too damn cool. You really deserved this, Eli.That was an amazing piece--it makes my day that you got this, and I don't even know you.
Eli Sanders' story was riveting, heartbreaking, maddening and undeniably human. It's nice to see such a deserving article so honored.
Congratulations to Eli and The Stranger both!
Congratulations! Incredible piece. And story.
I kept waiting for the site to be back up so I could say congratulations. I raise my glass. Cheers!!
HOT DAMN, man! So awesome to see your writing recognized, Eli. It was an incredible, indelible piece. High five. And much love to the victims.
Amazing Sir. Simply amazing. I hope that Jennifer and Theresa's story is read far and wide.
Congrats, Mr. Sanders, to you and the Stranger crew.
Damn, well done Eli!
congrats Eli! also holy crap!
Wow. Congratulations, Eli. I couldn't read your piece--too horrific. But I wept through Jennifer's piece and was honored to read it and proud of The Stranger. Thank you for your work on this story.
As one of those out-of-towner types who reads Slog and the occasional Stranger column, I hadn't yet read this piece. I just finished it, and it's truly brilliant. Heart wrenching, informative (which sounds weird to say, but it's true), sympathetic, and utterly powerful. Truly well deserved, Eli! Congratulations!
Congratulations, Eli, and thank you for this work.
That piece made me weep and rage and weep again. I hope some of the prize money goes to the woman and/or an appropriate cause.
Eli, you're my favorite Stranger writer - your writing is always honest and smart and sometimes takes such courage. You deserve this so much, and I'm glad you were recognized. Congratulations!
It takes a remarkable writer for me to simply hear the name and know exactly who and why. I don't think I've ever associated any journalist's work this easily with a name until you wrote this series. Bravo for the recognition!
I wish you'd never had to write the story, Eli, but when the story needed writing you sure rose to the challenge. The dignity, respect, and profound sorrow you expressed in that piece reflects an unusual depth of character and empathy. I'm glad you're being honored for what is not only a masterful narrative but a profound expression of compassion.
This is as fucking awesome as it can be in a world where stories like this need to be written.
Congratulations to my favorite Seattle periodical and to Eli. I do remember the long, bloody piece. The Stranger has had some memorable features. The urban archipelago one, by Dan Savage, and the one about Gay City come to mind. I keep reading The Stranger, after all these years, because they have good writing, plus they don't take themselves so seriously to not be irreverent and silly. That's part of what the Weekly is missing. They think they're Seattle's New Yorker, and they're not.

Which reminds me: The locally owned Seattle Times won again, so let's give them their do.
Congratulations, Eli. It's well-deserved.
Congratulations! Well deserved, sir.
Very, very much deserved, Eli.
Congratulations, Eli! Great to see excellence rewarded. Bask in the adulation and know - you earned it.
Congrads Eli - take that Birch Steen!
Late to the party because of the Crash - huge kudos to you, Eli. I only have to think of your heart-rending account and the tears come. What a super way to get one 3-D Ben Franklin worth 100 of the other Ben Franklins.
You already know, Eli. So, so happy.
I'll never ever forget that feature and I'm heartened that it will be read by an even wider audience.

I agree w/ @lopes #35 - I absolutely love listening to Eli Sanders on KUOW's Friday show. His fresh and wicked smart insights have immeasurably helped my understanding of politics, our world, and human beings in general. He's the real deal and a huge talent.
Thanks for the great work, and congratulations.
a much deserved win. as a regular reader, i was so proud to see that you won, eli. congratulations.
Wow! Congratulations!

Of course I'm not going to read it again because just looking at the title made me cry. Congrats!
Dominic and I were talking about this last night, actually, and f'n congratulations Eli, that was a hell of an article.
How nice to wake up and read through 150 or so accolades to Eli...very deserving, and I add mine!
This is terrific news, that article reduced me to tears, and I mean that as a compliment! Well done, Eli Sanders, congratulations!
congratulations Eli!
Eli, this was the best feature writing I personally read all last year. I'm so glad the Pulitzer recognized you for doing such beautiful justice to Jennifer and Theresa's heart-wrenching experience. I was amazed and moved when Jennifer was then willing and capable of speaking afterwards directly to The Stranger's readership.

I live on the other side of the country and I read The Stranger every day. Thank you, Eli. You gave all of us a way to deepen our understanding of this tragedy while treating the victim and survivor with dignity and respect.
Well deserved.
This was some damned fine writing and it still terrifies me and moves me to tears remembering it. Thank you for the article and congrats.
Congrats, Eli!
Is it true? Are you punking us? If it's true than congratulations!
totally deserved! well done eli...i remember reading this when it was in print and thinking how exceptional (and heartbreaking) this artcile is. BIG CONGRATULATIONS!!
B) I loved that piece.
I read the article for the first time yesterday, and I couldn't stop thinking about it all day. Eli, your feature really shows how powerful good writing can be and what writing can do. Congratulations to you and the Stranger.
I just want to add to the comment count because this is very important. The time and effort and heart and skill that went into this feature warrant the accolades, so congratulations to Eli. This should be a beacon of inspiration for others to write what really matters.
I know I'm late to the party, but I had to add my voice to the MASSIVE CHORUS!!!


When I heard this mentioned on the news this morning (just that The Stranger had won a Pulitzer), I thought "Fantastic! Must be Eli, and that piece last year about The Bravest Woman in Seattle!"

:-D :-D :-D
Unbelievable, Eli. Amazing, amazing, amazing piece. You deserve it! And way to go, Stranger staff, on being awesome.
It hurt to read that piece. All I was thinking about at the time was the story. Thinking about it now, a Pulitzer Prize makes total sense. Well deserved, Eli.
Congratulations, Eli and to the Stranger. I lived in Seattle during the early years of the Stranger and I doubt anyone then would have guessed this would happen. The Stranger is, truly, Seattle's ONLY Newspaper!
Congrats, Eli! The piece was heartbreaking and amazing.
When I head that Eli had one the Pulitzer I immediaty knew which article he had won it for. That was an amazing piece of journalism, Eli. Congrats on your win!
OK, I have to write again to say - that was an amazing piece of work and very deserving of the prize. I'm a South Park resident and want to say "thank you" for the courageous offering.
One Hell of a piece of writing, it got me to follow this site, Bravo...
One Hell of a piece of writing, it got me to follow the Stranger... Bravo...
Congratulations on a devastating and courageous piece of writing. Thank you for your compassion, and for bearing witness to this horrific story.
Great journalism, with compassion. Thanks Eli, and Congrats
Outstanding. Congratulations.
I always thought Eli's work was Pulitzer material ever since he did the takedown of Gay City and the story of the guy (sorry don't recall his name) who got bashed outside Timberline. Congratulations on the well-deserved recognition!
Congratulations, Eli. The piece was stunning and completely deserving of this recognition.

All of your writing about the event and trial was exceptional. My very favorite was this Slog post, which I still recall as being the most moving depiction of the value of civilization that I've come across:…
mad. fuckin. props.
Nice job. Story moved me to tears. Well deserved.
Congratulations Eli! Great piece from a great writer -- the prize was well-deserved.
Fantastic! Was very happy to hear of your well-deserved win.
I read your story when it was published. I thought immediately when i finished, this is the type of story that wins a prize. Your work is excellent. I am glad that you live in our area and we can read your work often. Keep on writing. This award is definitely well deserved. And i disagree with the supervisor that said dont hit too hard on the raise,,,,,aim high!
SO FREAKING COOL! Congrats, Eli!
Congratulations Eli. Not for the hardware, but for the soft where. For putting us all where and when it took place. A beautiful piece of journalism.
Let's see, The Tuscaloosa News, The Patriot News (Pa.), The Huffington Post, The Boston Globe, The Chicago Tribune, The Philadelphia Inquirer, THE NEW YORK TIMES! THE ASSOCIATED PRESS! Pretty good company I'd say. Eli Sanders there you are on page A19 in today's N.Y. Times! CONGRATULATIONS!
This article moved me to tears. I found it so intense that I had to put it down half way through, and it took two days until I had the courage to finish it. As a person who has been a victim of sexual violence, (not in any way comparable to what these women experienced) I felt the deep compassion and humanity that Eli displayed very strongly. Thank you Eli for the beautiful piece. Thank you to The Stranger for providing such a supportive environment. I am proud to live in a city with you!
Congratulations,Mr. Eli Sanders!!!
Apparently I wasn't the only person who thought that was a brilliant piece of writing.
Congratulations Eli!
Called it! You da jam! That story made pretty much everyone I know cry and for good reason. I'm glad more than internet trolls appreciate what you do!
Mazel tov!
There hasn't been a Coroner in King County since 1968, but otherwise excellent piece.

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