At least it's better than yesterday, where his wife I think was trying to convince the press that Seamus loved it up there, it was a nice crate, anyone would want to ride in a crate on top of Romney's car. The unspoken impression I got was "hey, that crate is a lot nicer than the houses our gardeners and maids live in!"

The way I heard the story was, Seamus ran away the minute they opened the crate, which kind of wrecks the "he loved it" story.
So he's NOT concerned because it was a horrible, inhumane thing to do to a poor DOG - it's because "How does it look to the neighbors?"

Kiss my ass, Mitt Romney. No, really.
You know, I think that the lack of compassion shown after the dog was sick is the significant part of this story, not the use of the crate.

I can see the dog loving the correct kind of crate. My uncle's dog loved his motorcycle side car, my dog loves the back of a pickup. If the crate were stable and formed a wind barrier, I can see a dog loving it, *most* of the time.

When he isn't sick, when it is secured correctly and not shaking or slipping, when the car isn't moving too fast.
I'm not making any internet diagnoses here, but a puzzled, angry reaction to consequences, as opposed to actual remorse, is pretty characteristic of psychopathic personality disorder and classical sociopathy. I mean, as if we needed any further evidence that Mitt-bot is incapable of empathy.

Just sayin', paging Pat Bateman.
I should add, just because the *dog* loved it, doesn't make it safe or humane, and doesn't excuse ignoring the dog's sickness.

However, I know from experience that if the dog had diarrhea from something it ate and lost it in the crate, the dog might run away from the soiled area even if the crate was its favorite place in the house, not something strapped to the car. Clean up the crate and the dog could be perfectly happy to get back into it.

My dog rides in my backseat, not on the roof of the car, and she loves her spot and car rides in general. But when she's been sick or lost control in the car for whatever reason, she reacts in a similar manner to Seamus, and runs away the moment the door opens.
you people got nothing.
I was going to say he's the classic "I'm sorry because I got caught" type (with the exception that he actually admits he's only sorry because he got caught), but then I realized he doesn't actually apologize for this shit. He just says he can't do it anymore because everybody's looking.
He is clearly unaware of the distinction between "connotation" and "denotation."

And let's hope no one clues him in any time soon...
Was Lyndon Barnes Johnson picking up his dog by the ears indicative of his executive style Paul?

Agree with @3 though....

Days to election: 203
Based on these and other quotes that show him totally out of touch, I honestly believe the man is a sociopath....unable to feel compassion or empathy towards others
Yay, @ 8 is back with Rethug-style "you did it too" arguments. Nothing like schoolyard dialogue to brighten up a Slog post.
So when will he release his returns and admit he had to pay a fine to the IRS in the multi-millions for avoiding US taxes with overseas tax havens.

He should be in jail.
Shit, I meant @ 9.
@11 and by @8 you mean @9 ?
@14: Correct, Matt's empty calorie commentary was intended for me.


Barnes? Idiot.
@ 15, low level discourse begets more low level discourse.

It's not the actions that are, themselves, a statement on Rmoney, but the way his words show that he would do them again, without any thought, if it weren't for the repercussions. Find an equivalent statement from LBJ, if you're going to make those kinds of comparisons.
@16: I clicked the wrong auto-correct menu choice in Chrome. Of course it's Baines. I appreciate your calling my attention it it.
The rank panic Paulie Boy Constant is showing in these hit pieces is very encouraging.

If even rabidly partisan hack polemicists are this scared about whether the Obamination can win that's good news for the country.

Keep the lies and inuendo coming, Paulie Boy. It's hilarious.
Actually, SB, the rank disconnect from reality you suffer is, well, disturbing. Get help, please.
Wind-boarding your dog is NOT nice.

Actually, I'm semi-serious. Well, as serious as a person can be about the mental disorder of leftist thinking.

This is apparently all the whacked out left has on Romney. Lies, inuendo, half truths, and subtle incitement to class warfare are what you've got on this candidate.

I happen to think Obama the likely winner in the coming elections. History shows a sitting president not embroiled in major economic troubles or scandal a good bet for the win. The economy isn't good, but it isn't awful. Obama, to his credit, appears to be a good man as a father and husband so sex scandals are unlikely. He appears to be a careful man, so scandals among his appointees or counselors is unlikely. And the media is entirely in his pocket so it scandal wouldn't be reported anyway unless it was entirely unavoidable.

Which makes Paulie Boys panic even more funny to watch.
@ 22, even if it were true - that this was "all we have on Rmoney" (please spell that correctly, 'kay?) - it's all we need.

What the right needs against Obama is a Big Lie, such as that he is to blame for high gas prices. As of now, it's Rmoney's only hope. (Characterizing calls for fair tax policy "class warfare" is so 2009...)
Rmoney's Mormon affect (on display here again, and in every utterance in his reedy 65-year old old man voice) alienates him from normal americans. it's like a religious version of Asperger's.
Totally agree with your assessment, Paul. He's not sorry; he's annoyed there's another thing he can no longer get away with. His problem isn't a mere lack of charisma. He's also a total creep.
Well, SB, you know how people with no empathy start taking it out first thing on animals? That might be why this dog torment thing has taken off so vividly -- Anyway, can you give your hate boner against Constant a rest for a couple of days? Head's gone off there man.

Thanks for the admission that lies, inuendo and half truths, with a spicing of class warfare, are all the left has.


Nice! Lefty religious bigotry AND making fun of older people and those who suffer from Aspergers? Pure class man, pure class.
@ 27, sorry if you think that's a fair description. It's no "half truth" that Rmoney put his dog on the roof and only regrets the blowback that's generated.

Also, in another SB reading comprehension fail, I never admitted that anything of the sort was "all we have." It's all we NEED, but thankfully there's also Obama's record in our favor, and against the right's.
Anyone seen the likeability polls?

Kerry was more likeable, AFTER the fake attacks and lies by the War Profiteers for Lies and Half-Truths.

Stick a fork in Romney.
Edit: That should read, "Another WILLFUL SB reading comprehension fail..."

It hasn't 'taken off.' Except among lunatic lefties anyway, nobody cares. See, dog torment is your term. The dog was ill, a poor decision was made that didn't affect the long term mental or physical well being of the dog, and for every sane American that was the end of it.

Show me evidence that Romney breeds and uses dogs for fighting and I'll care. Show me photos of a malnourished or otherwise obviously abused dog and I'll care. Spin unsupported stories about a guy who made a bad decision while on a family road trip and I don't care.

Got something on Romney, bring it out. But you can't. He's apparently a good father and husband, a successful businessman and a popular former Republican governer of a lefty state. And that's what scares you folks so badly isn't it?
@ 31, "hard right loons who hate Obama" is not a synonym for "sane Americans." If it were only the left who cared, Rmoney wouldn't have had to respond to it the way he did.

That's the whole point of this, remember? Sorry if that makes your head hurt and come up with embarrassing rationalizations, but maybe accepting the truth is a better way to deal with it.
Why do you run from threads that you lose?

A dead soldier does not get the same benefits as Romney does.
The dead soldier is dead. He does not get a nice house in a nice neighborhood. He is dead.

"He's apparently a good father and husband, a successful businessman and a popular former Republican governer of a lefty state."

And he lobbies to pay lower taxes than the average middle-class American and people like you defend that.
Mitt Romney would not torture his dog again because it is viewed negatively. Not because torturing animals is wrong, but because it is unpopular. He abused his dog. He should have gone to jail at the time for doing such a cruel thing to an animal. Today, he should be apologizing like crazy and donating tons of money to organizations who help abused animals. But he isn't even suggesting that he feels bad about what he did, but that people are upset by it. He is incapable of empathy, or even the most basic consideration for a member of his own family.
So-ci-o-path. C'mon, now: say it with me.
@Mile High Matt

You have to respond to any hare brained garbage put out in what passes for the profession of journalism if you're a candidate. (For how far we've fallen in journalistic terms, see the Pullitzer being awarded to an illiterate no nothing halfwit like Sanders....)

Obama had to respond to the insanity of the birthers. It doesn't make his citizenship less valid, or their weird claims more-so.

Like the birther movement the 'throw enough dirt around and the candidate looks dirty' approach to political opposition irritates me. There is and was plenty to dislike about Obamas inexperience and general political ideals without making stuff up. If you dislike Romneys moderate views, go after those. The lies are just petty and frankly show more about people like Constant than they do about the candidate.

FYI- I despise Obamas vision of a Euro-American socialism. I despise the notion of a cradle to grave nanny state government. I despise the kinds of anti American rhetoric his wife and closest friends used to indulge in before he asked them to keep it on the QT. I despise the disdainful and condescending view of Americans as too stupid to feed, clothe, house, or provide medical care for themselves without 43 government programs in each area to help them do so that is a fundament of leftist thought.

But I don't despise Obama. As I wrote earlier, he seems a decent sort of husband and father, well spoken and well educated, reasonably ethical and moral, and so on. It's just that while he'd make an excellent president of France or Sweden or some other far left socialist country, he doesn't make a very good American one.
@ 36, as usual, your long-winded speech addresses none of the points on hand. It's a fact that Mittens put his dog on the roof of his car; it's a fact that that's a bad thing to do, even if the dog is sick; it's a fact that the whole way he's handled it, including this quote, is a reasonable way to judge the man's character. And as right wing social cons are always saying, character matters.

I'm going to guess that you didn't read the article that won Eli his Pulitzer, probably because it would force you to abandon your prejudice while you do. As usual, your petty dismissals and asides simply show us what a small man you are.
You're still running from the threads you've lost.

Why do you claim that Romney and a dead soldier have the same benefit?
The dead soldier does not have a nice house in a nice neighborhood.
He's dead.
But Romney should not pay a penny more in taxes.

So to you, that soldier's life was worth less than a fraction of a penny to Romney.
@36: Your use of "illiterate no nothing halfwit" is an instant classic.

@37 and 39

All I need know about the character of a woman who works at a Las Vegas brothel is told in her employment.

in the same way, all I need know about the journalistic credentials of a writer is told in their employment with a contemptible propaganda rag like the Stranger.


"So to you, that soldier's life was worth less than a fraction of a penny to Romney."

My grandfather and his brothers, father and his brother, and 2 of my brothers and brother in law all served this nation. I never knew one uncle who died in Vietnam. My Grandfather was badly wounded in Europe in WW2. My brother in law honorably served his nation in Iraq. So if you want to tell me I don't understand the sacrifice our soldiers can make or that a dollar value could ever be placed on that sacrifice, fuck you.

If you tried to make sense for once I'd bother answering your posts. But bottles of national defense per your postings yesterday, equating the taxes paid by Mitt Romney to a soldiers death and all the rest of the addled nonsense isn't worth answering.

I can't understand what you're writing, never mind refute it.
@36, Obama is to the right of Reagan, Bush Sr., Ford and Nixon, among other Republican presidents. Socialist? Every American president, certainly every American president in modern times, has been "socialist" using your definition.

France? Sweden? Like most European countries, including Germany, Italy, and the UK, they currently have either right or center-right governments. As do we. David Cameron, the ruling Tory in the UK, is more liberal on many social issues than Obama, but is still clearly a center-right politician.

You are a very stupid and incurious man, with little but your own preconceived notions to support you.
@41: He's a liar too. Doesn't hate Obama my ass. I distinctly remember SB trumpeting that if invited to the White House he would not go if the President he had to shake hands with was Obama.

This, of course, in addition, could also be categorized as another of SB's "Sour Grape" proclamations. He couldn't stand Dan getting presidential attention for his work with It Gets Better project any more than he can bear Eli's well deserved award of the Pulitzer. I think the fact he wasn't bright enough to make a go of it as a lawyer really rankles in SB's heart. He hates those who have attained what he cannot. He is consumed with jealousy, and rage, as the realization of his own irrelevance becomes harder and harder for him to ignore.

He will never do great things, and he will be forgotten.

"My grandfather ... or that a dollar value could ever be placed on that sacrifice, fuck you."

And yet you do.
You've claimed that since Romney does not receive any more military protection than anyone else then he should not pay anything more than anyone else.

But there are a lot of people who have paid with their lives.
And you claim that Romney should not have to pay even a penny more.

So, to you, those lives are worth less than a fraction of a penny to Romney (who has $250 million or so).

"I can't understand what you're writing, never mind refute it."

Oh, I think you understand it very well.
The problem is that it shows how juvenile your defense of Romney's tax status is.

You claim that someone paying for our freedom with their life isn't worth a penny more in tax on Romney (who is worth about $250 million) because Romney does not get any more protection than the who gave his life got.

Wow! You define right and center right in a really interesting way! Anyone who hasn't got shrines to Chairman Mao and Lenin up on their walls with candles lit 24 hours a day is right or center right, apparently. Allrighty then.

For an incurious guy I'm really intrigued by how you could see the far left postwar shift in Europe as anything other than far left, at any rate. Stupid? Yeah, that's the standard reactionary lefty response to anyone who doesn't agree with you. My favorite is describing voters who see through the leftwing bullshit as 'low information voters' but that's just personal taste.

@ 44, given all the lies you're caught telling, I think you have, in particular, earned the "stupid" sobriquet. The cute way you dance around challenges instead of addressing them makes one judge your intelligence as well.

I think what you're displaying is called 'projection.'

It's the left that relies on envy and class warfare for their entire philosophy (such as it is.) Without trying to convince people that nothing ever under any circumstances is their responsibility you wouldn't have a voting base among democrats. Without the so called academics inventing whole ethical constructs to justify theft from productive citizens to support lazy and thriftless ones, you wouldn't have an economic theory (such as it is) to sell to your voting base.

Yes, the attacks on family, morality, integrity and decency an animal like Savage mounts bother me. The West has spent a couple millenia getting to where we are, and to see that barbarian pervert try to undermine it should infuriate any right minded person. Wallow in his own slime is his priviledge. Missionary zeal to encourage others to join him in that slime should be treated as the abomination it is. I've written it before, but actually the moral culpability that thing called Savage is building up for itself is probably as much punishment for its behavior as anyone could wish upon it.

Yes, the attacks on self reliance and personal responsibility Obama and the rest of the left spearhead bother me. We built this country on the foundations you want destroyed. I don't recall writing that I wouldn't shake his hand, but it would be true if I had. This is the greatest country on the planet and the left wishes to dismantle it from their admiration of someplace- anyplace- else.

How about this? If Europe does it so much better, move there and leave America to be what it is. If you hate our politics, our economic system, how we tax and pay for our government and the majority Christian faith, move. It's the most rational thing to do, I'd have thought.
"It's the left that relies on envy and class warfare for their entire philosophy (such as it is.)"

Really? But you the one who claims that a soldier who gives his life for his country is not worth a penny more in taxes on Romney's $250 million?

A dead soldier does not get to come home to a nice house in a nice neighborhood. He's dead.

Ya know, whatever you smoke has to be illegal.

Clearly you, like most liberals, wouldn't know objective reality if it bit you on the ass. You can't distinguish reality from your delusions. But I realize you think you're telling the truth. I don't call you a liar, since you don't even know what truth is.

See, calling someone else a liar where I grew up would get you a bloody nose- if you were lucky. But you're too stupid to realize that truth is objective. Too halfwitted to know that truth doesn't mean 'what Mile High Matt thinks it is,' you call someone a liar for not thinking (and I use that term very loosely with regard to you) as you do.

Best of luck with that relative reality thing you've got going.

I'm just heartbroken that you don't think me intelligent, Mile High. Think I'll go somewhere and cry myself to sleep.


Dude, you really are a moron. How do you not get that what you're writing makes no fucking sense?

Romney paying more taxes or less won't bring that soldier back, you retarded twit. Romney paying less taxes won't either. Soldiers serving on active duty can get wounded. They can get killed. It is awful and it has not a goddamn thing to do with tax policy. Idiot.

Take your meds, reread what you've written and you'll get it. Or not, since like Mile High and Lissa you're a lib and therefore reality challenged.
@44, are you familiar with the Conservative Party? The one with "conservative" right there in its name? Margaret Thatcher? Was she a "socialist" too?

Her successor, David Cameron, is an Obama-ite through and through -- except that he's much more liberal on gay marriage than Obama, which is because the UK does not have a powerful troglodyte lobby that opposes everything that doesn't hail from the depths of the Jim Crow era.

I define right and center-right the way EVERYBODY defines them -- everybody who isn't a Mississippi mudslapper like you. Berlusconi is right wing -- you won't find any intelligent commentator on the right or the left who disagrees. Sarkozy is center-right -- is this really that difficult? Merkel is center-right -- that's what "Christian Democrat" MEANS.

The "postwar shift" in Europe is "leftward" in large part because when you're shifting from Nazism, left is the only direction available. You've heard of the Nazis, right? Supposedly your heroic relatives died fighting them? (Can't win a war without peeling potatoes, I guess).

More practically, sometimes they shift left and sometimes they shift right. Half of Germany, for instance, shifted pretty far right when the DDR collapsed. Communism? You've heard of it, right?

You've apparently not heard of BEFORE the war, however, which is a shame. Left economics didn't just magically appear after WWII, here or there.

Overall, the main European countries are indeed somewhat to the left of the US in terms of social policy, but not in other areas -- and not for the most part recently. Not knowing anything about "Europe" except what you hear on Rush Limbaugh's radio program leaves you at a disadvantage, doesn't it?

The fact is that the US and Europe are very closely aligned economically, because those are the policies that work in the modern world, for the past hundred years: proof that a well-managed modern state with sane economics and high levels of freedom, like Western Europe and America, will beat out right- and left- wing oligarchies everytime.

You on the other hand crave the reinstatement of oligarchy. You think you're following the voice of your hero Ronald Reagan but you don't understand anything that he ever did (actually, neither did he, most of the time).
"Romney paying more taxes or less won't bring that soldier back, you retarded twit."

Did I say it would? No I did not say it would.

I'm asking you how many dead soldiers would it take to equal a one penny increase in Romney's taxes (on his $250 million).

Is it 10 dead soldiers per penny?
Or is it something like 1 dead soldier from every state per penny?

"Soldiers serving on active duty can get wounded. They can get killed. It is awful and it has not a goddamn thing to do with tax policy."

So you believe in magical military payroll elves who distribute paychecks to the good troops and death to bad troops?
Because I am pretty sure that our military is funded via taxes.

Now you claim that Romney should not be taxed even a penny more than he currently is because you claim Romney does not get a penny's worth of "military protection" more than anyone else, so why should he pay more.

There are a lot of people out there who have paid a lot more than Romney has for the defense of this nation.
Some have paid with their lives.

But, in your opinion, their lives are not worth a single penny more in taxes on Romney's $250 million.
@ 48, it's like Lissa says. You've expressed explicit hatred for Obama in the past, and now you're denying it.

That's objective, and that makes you a liar. Sort of like when you're all "Happy Easter" a week ago and insulting now - we know you're a liar, so we don't take your rare tactful moments as evidence of anything other than weasly lying.

Next time I'm in Seattle, I'll say so in a thread you're reading. You can come meet me in person, and I'll call you that to your face, and see if your internet tough guy persona translates to anything approximating reality.
@40: A brothel worker in Las Vegas is a lawbreaker, as prostitution is illegal in Clark County. Are you saying that Mr. Constant is a criminal by virtue of his employment at the Stranger? Or are you finally ready to admit you're just blowing smoke?
@48: You are a liar.
You claim that homosexuality is chosen. That could be attributed to ignorance at first, but I've repeatedly exposed you to evidence indicating that sexual orientation is fixed during early development. And yet you continue to spew things that you know (or at least should know) to be false. That fits the criteria of lying.
A rational person, when called a liar, defends himself verbally. Are you going to try and punch me out, internet tough guy?
@52: He won't Matt. I've invited him time and time again to attend a Slog Happy and put his money where mealy mouth is, but to no avail. He's afraid of us. He's afraid we'll laugh at him.

@46: No projection. Eli won the Pulitzer Prize. This puts him among the ranks of people like John F Kennedy and Earnest Hemingway. He won it for writing a series that damn near shredded him. The things he saw and heard will never leave him, and yet he still was able to have compassion and grace and convey those awful, awful things to his readers in a way that made us feel for every one involved.
Dan has published four well received books, any number of articles in respected publications, appeared on national new programs, lectured around the country, run a newspaper, dispensed valued advice to countless people on the radio, and in print, established the It Gets Better project, again giving aid to countless people, been received by the White House, and maintained a happy stable marriage and raising a well adjusted son.

In comparison to these two men? You have done exactly squat. And that eats you up inside.

You are a small, not terribly intelligent man, red faced, kicking and screaming like an infant, because you know that you are nothing, have achieved nothing, and will be forgotten. And you are so very, very afraid.
"You are a small, not terribly intelligent man, red faced, kicking and screaming like an infant, because you know that you are nothing, have achieved nothing, and will be forgotten. And you are so very, very afraid."


Comparing Sanders to Hemingway and Kennedy? Clearly education of the young has experienced some radical diminishing of quality since I was in school. Hemingway was a writer and sometimes journalist. Sanders is a hack nobody will remember in 10 years, let alone 6 or 7 decades.

As for the subhuman Savage you can keep your opinion of that pied piper of hell. My dog has more decorum and morality, more integrity and decency, than that piece of human debris has in his little finger. He hasn't helped anyone. Quite the reverse. He is an agent of chaos, immorality and destruction. Books and TV appearances selling perversion and social decay, attacking the family and loyalty to ones spouse and healthy sexuality are things I don't aspire to. Helping ruin the lives of young men and women who could have chosen healthy sexuality but may choose abberant and abnormal homosexuality with his assistance will be held to his eventual account. Young men and women who lose the sole difference between the rutting of barnyard animals and the pleasures of a marriage bed can blame themselves, but also the depraved Savage for helping them make that decision. He sows the wind, and you can bet your bottom dollar that that animal will reap the whirlwind.

Sorry, animals often have a natural dignity and integrity Savage couldn't begin to rise to. I shouldn't insult animals by comparing them to him.

No, I won't ever write books. I won't go into politics. I won't ever appear on television. And I'm not afraid of that. I have a good family whom I love, immediate and extended. I have good friends on whom I can rely and who can rely upon me. I make my living doing something I love and doing it well. So you know what? Savage the trained ape can keep his temporal success. I wouldn't want to pay the spiritual bill he'll eventually be held to account for it for his own ruin, but more for all those he's led to their ruin. I couldn't begin to afford it, and neither, he'll find, can he.

you do realize Hell was an invention of the Middle Ages, right?
also, your dog sounds like one heck of a purebred there...he'll probably have hip problems someday.

Anytime you feel up to it pal.


I noted that homosexual behavior is chosen. And it is. I noted that an urge to some behavior is not a justification for it, from whatever source. And it isn't.

And all your sources are excuse making studies. "We asked 45 gay men if they felt being gay was innate, and by God they said it was!" So, show me where the gay gene has been mapped and proven to exist, and I'll gladly retract my statement that it isn't innate.

But it wouldn't change anything. As I've also written, a predilection to heart disease or Alzheimers doesn't excuse lifestlye choices that increase the risk of either. A predilection for the mental illness of homosexuality doesn't excuse homosexual behavior.

You might learn what the word lie means before you use it, boy.
So tell me more about those magical military payroll elves who distribute paychecks to the good troops and death to bad troops.
I'm interested because I am pretty sure that our military is funded via taxes.
But I'm willing to listen to your explanation.

You claim that Romney should not be taxed even a penny more than he currently is because you claim Romney does not get a penny's worth of "military protection" more than anyone else, so why should he pay more.

There are a lot of people out there who have paid a lot more than Romney has for the defense of this nation.
Some have paid with their lives.

But, in your opinion, their lives are not worth a single penny more in taxes on Romney's $250 million.
Is it because of the magical military payroll elves?
I don't care how many "studies" Seattleblues cites, I still don't think the question of whether douchebags choose to be flaming assholes, or are born that way, is settled at all.
Better to make your children ride in the dog kennel on the roof. At least that way you get some peace and quiet.
The Stranger should put it on a banner or something: Dan Savage: Agent of Chaos! Immorality! Destruction!
@59: Clearly, you haven't been reading the studies I cite. Not a single one has been of the format you erroneously assume them to be. Allow me to explain AGAIN.
Certain loci in the brain differ in size between (heterosexual) men and women. Homosexuals of either gender tend to occupy intermediate states in the otherwise bimodal distribution. These are regions that are known to be involved with sexual attraction and do not change much during the course of life. If you don't believe me, I'd be happy to dig up some of those citations I've already thrown at you.
I never claimed that having gay sex is innate. But being gay (sexually and/or romantically attracted exclusively to people of the same gender) is, and it's a fact you've railed against pretty much every time it's mentioned in your presence here on SLOG. You continue to make false claims even after being exhaustively corrected; you are by any reasonable set of criteria a liar.
Now, your ignorance shows when you conflate "innate" with "genetically determined". There is no gay gene as far as we know. But then again, there are no genes associated with the intricacies of fingerprint patterns either. However, you cannot change your fingerprints (barring surgery) any more than you can change your sexual orientation. I've told you this before too, but you don't seem too keen on learning new things...
@59: Just another note. Heart disease and Alzheimer's Disease have definite physiological downsides. If you're going to lump homosexuality in with them, you better explain what exactly is so bad for you about being gay. If I were to hit my head and suddenly decide that I'd be better off sucking cock than eating pussy, how would it make me an unhealthier person?
Poor Seamus. Hopefully, he found loving owners after his escape from the Romneybots.
"There's no show of remorse, no consideration of the other side's perspective. I think this says a whole lot about his style as an executive."

Namely, he doesn't mind doing wrong; he minds getting caught.
@ 65, he can't do it. He'll stick to his technical points and never, not EVER, explain what makes teh ghey buttsecks so bad.

He's a fucking lying fruitcake, and I look forward to agreeing to meet with him at a bar to tell him so, only to have him not show up.
@56: Like Kennedy and Hemingway, Eli has won the Pulitzer. Your sour grapes does not negate that fact.

You have a good family whom you love, immediate and extended.
So do Dan and Eli.
You have good friends on whom you can rely and who can rely on you.
So do Dan an Eli.
You make your living doing something you love and doing it well.
So do Dan and Eli. In fact they do their jobs so well that one won the Pulitzer and the other was invited to the White House in recognition of their work.
They have everything you hold dear and more. You are a mediocrity and you hate them for that.
"Anytime you feel up to it pal"? Easy words to say to some one miles away. If Matt will allow it, I offer to stand in his stead, since I am not geographically inconvenient.

Meet with me Seattleblues, here in Seattle. I will call you a liar to your face. As I am a small boned middle age lady the risk of physical danger is small. The only thing you have to fear is my derision, which is, of course, what you fear the most.

So yes, anytime you feel up to it pal, anytime at all.
people like mitt Romney actually believe that animals were put on earth by god to be used for whatever inhumane purpose they want. It never occurs to anyone that the air begins to feel a whip lashing your skin at 50 + MPH. This article is not about mittens politics, it is about the mindset of someone like him. To mitt "the chaff have their place" their place is working hard to make his life easier. If he thought it would help his campaign he would sacrifice his family dog to the devil. Keep in mind that I am not bashing Christians. I have known Christians who give not only time... but money and love to those who are needy, But you will never catch someone like Romney working with the common man. This is why Romney will never make it in office. He is a puppet who will do whatever the 2% wants. These 2% of rich people would never run for office or even show their faces on mainstream media. If they did, we would be able to see the face of the person who's ruining our country. I feel bad for any animal who is un-lucky enough to cross mitts path

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