Is it any secret that most conservatives are racist? I thought everyone already knew that?
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I know lots of American conservatives are racist, but I've long believed they were categorically different from the very worst history has to offer. And so I am genuinely shocked to read in the linked story that a writer linked to O'Sullivan -- funded by VDare -- has actually used the "g" word:
The basic habits, ideas, and practices that help civilization to survive and prosper in other parts of the world seem largely absent among large elements of South Africa’s Black population, and it seems that it is only a matter of time before the country sinks to the level of poverty and savagery endemic in most of the rest of Africa and places like Haiti and Detroit. If this is the case, then, rather than the question of White Genocide, shouldn’t the debate really be focused on whether Black Genocide is something worth considering?
Have you ever checked out Nat Review comment section? If there was any doubt about how crazy-ass racist those assholes are, five minutes perusing NR comments should cure that. And those are the non-scrubbed comments. I can't imagine what it's like before the mods take a fire hose to those threads.

NR is in a real bind. Their readership are no longer old school smoking-jacket conservatives. It's about 70% dipshit bubbahs and ill-informed Tea-party types nearly all of whom hate anybody darker than Pantone 7507.

NR has to pretend to be part of 21st century civilization and disavow their own readership. I predict they will double down on the dog whistles or go under in a year.

Unfortunately the narrative most conservatives that I know have bought into -personal responsibility, bootstraps,urban poverty, etc- doesn't leave much distance between themselves and people like O'Sullivan. When your world view precludes an understanding of your own privilege and of institutions designed to protect that privilege, racism is difficult to grasp.

I followed the links all the way through to and I noticed they are asking for "tax deductible" contributions. That can't be right can it? I mean they're not a charity. Who polices that?
I think there are a lot of conservatives who aren't per se racist - the majority of them, in fact. But it's kinda like Christians and the Westboro Baptist Church; if a significant number of douchebags are using YOUR beliefs or religious or political statements as an excuse for horrific behavior, at a certain point you need to take a good hard look at what you're preaching.
@5 Racist/Southern whites (draw your own Venn diagram) didn't use to have any problem with a generous welfare state, which is why the South was so solidly Democratic (as in "the Solid South") until the Democrats ceased to be exclusively the party of the white man and started extending the benefits of citizenship to Those People. That's when all the talk about bootstraps started, because Jeebus forbid your tax dollars go to someone of a different race. 
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