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Communist scum.
Wait, you're not listening to some Sarah Hrdy book during your free time? Has the crush died then, or has she filed a restraining order?
What good is labor with no raw materials? What are raw materials, if not capital? I'd say that both labor and capital are universal.

The Mudede economy: we all give each other backrubs.
.......and yet capital has inserted it self into nearly every aspect of our life, every tiny backwater of the globe, attaching it self to every act of labor, insisting it be the arbitrary measure of what we do.....Upper rainier valley just doesn't look radical as lower I guess.
That took on almost religious tones--a mythology of Marx.

@pretty much everyone before me
Good to see the reading comprehension of all you fucking peons. Your English teacher was either an alcoholic or a woman.
@2, Hrdy, like Harvey, only has audio lectures and interviews, no books.

my dream team: William Julius Wilson, Sarah Hrdy, David Harvey, Ha Joon Chang, and Steven Shaviro.
?? Harvey has multiple books. Try The Limits of Capital.
Good Afternoon Charles,
Hope you enjoyed the gorgeous day. Don't have any comment per se but just want to tell Sloggers that Chicago White Sox pitcher, Phil Humber just threw a perfect game against the Mariners. Ouch! Just 21 of them have been thrown in all of MLB history.
@1 +1
@7, you must learn what the word "audio" means before you attack me. yes, the limits of capital is one of the best books on marxism out there.
The other day I was at my favorite sushi place. The earlier lunch goers had let out and I was the only one sitting there. After finishing my usual 3 sets of nigiri and a fat roll, I noticed that the chef was fidgeting. Moving things around on his cutting table. Wrapping and unwrapping things. He wanted something to do. Although satisfied, I ordered a Cali roll.

We are designed to use our bodies to perform tasks, to make things, to prepare dinners, carry beams, staple papers. People want to. Need to work.
I always preferred "Reading the Kapital politicly" even though it was a struggle getting through it at times. Will have to check up The limits of Capital.
... also aren't the Militant trot? And why are trots the only ones that still sell newspaper as their main form of communication?

@3 yes because "capital" means "raw material" in all its forms - atleast read the damn wikipedia article first!
@12: did you read that article? "In economics, capital, capital goods, or real capital are those already-produced durable goods that are used in production of goods or services."

There's very little productive labor, apart from simple gathering, that can occur without some kind of tool. And foraging food is easier with a digging stick and some kind of basket or container...
@13 oh noes! I have completely missed out on what Karl Marx talked about and why there is still the same jack-ass conflict between first year national economic students and first year economic history students who are both drunk in a pub.

Because Karl Marx central criticism was about the production of tools and why it was bad for human existance... Why we should all enjoy driving nails through wood with our bare hands.

Also this kinda reminds me of a joke in a cheesy 80's robot comedy movie - wierd and hi-larious foreigner clichรฉ gets asked what his capital is and he answers, your gonna love this btw, "Washington DC" and we all laugh and laugh. You see he mistook the word capital to mean, "capital" as in capital city of a nation and couldn't see any other meaning of the word. You see? Isn't that fantastic and fun? You and me Efnord, we can sit down to watch it and then just pull out an old dictionary talking about the meaning of the word and how it functions within varying types of economics and economic theory for ever.
Actually, I think that tools should be preรซminently considered---as they will perform all the labour and gather the material (and build more tools), may it come speedily and in our days.

Do you think this impossible? The odds are that you already do an hundredth part of what a post-agricultural person generally has had to do and called 'labour'...that there are other things you must do to live, and call 'labour' is the usual mess of still-laughably-primitive tech and bad social systems.

...speaking of which, I'm not so blind (e.g., technologically deterministic) that I this the transition easy or even likely: plenty of powerful people greatly enjoy having more power and stuff and leisure than the rest of us, and a multitude more, across the spectrum, believe that working somehow makes you better than you would be otherwise.
Mudede, you just need to read Daniel Quinn and finally cut through the Marxist bullshit and get at what you are reallllly getting at.
...or maybe re-read Stirner and create the synthesis that might actually appeal to Americans.
Who cares what psuedo-intellectual crap Chuckie, Last of the Rhodesians, masturbates to.

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