Kendra Obom, totally employed.
  • Courtesy of Planned Parenthood
  • Kendra Obom, totally employed.
Kendra Obom runs youth empowerment programs, like teaching girls how to rock climb, through the YMCA. That's her job, Rob. But even if she were unemployed, her question would still be completely relevant and valid because she's concerned that you will take away her reproductive rights if elected governor.

And instead of answering a concerned constituent's question, you give her the third degree and belittle her by telling her to get a job? You fuckwad.

As Goldy has noted, McKenna's hypocrisy when it comes to meddling with legislative matters is striking. He's happy—eager, even—to tell the state legislature how to balance the budget but still refuses to comment on a now-dead bill that would've ensured women equal access to maternity care and insurance-covered abortions. McKenna's petite shit fit when confronted by Obom hammers home a serious problem with his candidacy: He adamantly refuses to stand up for—or even address—women's reproductive rights.

Aside from the Reproductive Parity Act, he's repeatedly refused to explain his stance on funding birth control, family planning, and STD testing. He also refused to address questions about Planned Parenthood as Congress was trying to defund the organization last year.

"Our next governor will play a pivotal roll in the implementation of the healthcare exchange, and as one of the attorneys attempting to block the affordable care act, Rob McKenna is not one of the people we can trust to protect women’s health during that process," explains Planned Parenthood Votes NW spokeswoman Sara Kiesler. (Unsurprisingly, the organization endorsed Jay Inslee last week.)

I have to agree. Having publicly stated that he “believes life begins at conception” along with this consistent evasiveness, Rob McKenna is not the candidate women can trust to protect our reproductive health.