In the wake of GetAJobGate, political blogger Joel Connelly jumps to the defense of attorney general Rob McKenna, recasting him as the victim of a vicious political attack:

The state Democratic Party has seized on the Reproductive Parity Act this week in what has been a relentless effort to depict McKenna as anti-choice. It hosted a Wednesday press conference featuring Kendra Obom, a microphone-bearing young woman who accosted McKenna outside a maritime luncheon on Wednesday.

Really, Joel? She "accosted" McKenna?

Listen to the audio again. Obom politely asks McKenna "What's your stance on the Reproductive Parity Act?" And McKenna fucking loses it, accusing her of trying to "bushwhack" him and of "not being honest," before dismissively telling her to "go get a job."

To use the word "accost" so as to cast Obom as engaging in an act of aggression or even violence is just plain offensive. If anything, it was McKenna who accosted Obom. But Joel didn't stop there:

The abortion issue — relentlessly used by Democrats against the GOP’s Dino Rossi in 2004, 2008 and 2010 — has resonated mainly with feminist writers at The Stranger and Publicola. On Wednesday, Cienna Madrid of The Stranger delivered an obscene description of McKenna.

For the record, Cienna called McKenna a "fuckwad," as apt a description as any. And if you think that's "obscene," well, you've never met Cienna. She's got a mouth on her that could peel the paint off an unpainted surface.

In the end, what Joel's really objecting to is the anti-Catholic bias he perceives in anybody who attempts to use abortion as a political issue against Catholic candidates, which really is, you know, too fucking bad. I mean, it's not like we're the ones who first politicized this issue. Republicans have used opposition to abortion as an organizing principle in transforming Christian conservatives into a solid Republican block, and if that works against them in states like Washington, well fuck 'em. Choice is a powerful ideological proxy, as it should be, because a politician's stance on abortion is a reliable predictor of their stance on a host of other political issues.

Oh sure, McKenna claims he's personally opposed to abortion, but is pro-choice, but we all know that's a total load of crap. McKenna wouldn't attempt to ban abortion in Washington state because he knows that A) he can't, and B) it would be political suicide. But the Reproductive Parity Act? He's opposed to that. Requiring pharmacists to sell Plan B? He's opposed to that. Maintaining funding for Planned Parenthood and other health clinics that provide family planning counseling? He's opposed to that.

A Governor McKenna might lack the balls to overtly attempt to restrict abortion in Washington state, but erode access to abortion? In a New York minute. Rob McKenna is simply not on the side of reproductive rights, he's just too cowardly to admit it. Just like he was too cowardly to admit his opposition to the Reproductive Parity Act before Odom accosted him on the street and those feminist bitches at Publicola and The Stranger got their twats all tied up in a knot. Or something.

And yet, all that is beside the point. It is the utter contempt with which McKenna treated Obom that sticks in my craw, his "go get a job" taunt a macaca moment that should rightly haunt McKenna for the rest of this campaign.