The invaluable Williams Institute digs into Census data:

More than one in five same-sex couples (20.6%) are interracial or interethnic compared to 18.3% of different-sex unmarried couples and just 9.5% of different-sex married couples. More than half of same-sex couples in Hawaii (53%) are interracial or interethnic. About a third fit that category in California (33%), New Mexico (31%), and Nevada (30%). Other states where same-sex couples are likely to be interracial or interethnic include Alaska (28%), District of Columbia (28%), Oklahoma (26%), Arizona (26%), Texas (25%), and Colorado (24%). Less than 10% of same-sex couples are interracial or interethnic in Maine, Mississippi, Vermont, West Virginia, and New Hampshire, and Alabama.

And they took a look at gay parents:

Among all racial and ethnic groups, same-sex couples are less likely to be raising children than their different-sex counterparts. However, like their different-sex counterparts, same-sex couples with a householder who is a racial or ethnic minority are more likely to have children. Fully a third of same-sex couples with an Hispanic householder are raising children compared to just 17% of same-sex couples with a non-Hispanic White householder. A quarter of same-sex couples with either an African-American or Asian householder have children. Among same-sex couples with an American Indian or Alaska Native householder, the figure is 29% and among those with a Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander householder, fully a third are raising children.

Two things: it's hard to square the white-gays-are-way-more-racist-than-anybody-else charge with these data about interracial/interethnic same-sex couples, even if not every interracial/interethnic couple includes a white partner. And as the responsibilities and protections provided by marriage are good for children, and as gay people of color are likelier to have children than their white counterparts, any idiot should be able to see that marriage equality is good for gay people of color and their families. Marriage equality is not just for selfish, wealthy, privileged "white gay men"—who are, again, significantly likelier to partner with someone of a different race than straight white men.