"Not even the mind reader knew what they were thinking"
That's a classic.
The 'Man Show' slam was my personal favorite.
I loved every minute. I can't remember last year's but that's okay, it's a topical thing, no? Loved the wink, the hockey mom punchilne, the dig at the Huffpo Pulitzer, giving no fucks when when his excellent class warfare gag didin't go over, the DADT bit, all in all just great.

Barack always lights up when he gets to wear his tuxedo.

He was in attendance at the staff maintenance dinner recently as well.…

It was pretty good. Some of the humor was, in my opinion, somewhat below the dignity of the president (I could do without the toilet-flushing sound, which I don't know if this video shows), but it wasn't that bad. No milking-the-horse stuff. And he had much better timing than Jimmy Kimmel, who rushed through his stack of jokes. (Maybe he had a time limit.)
Is it just me, or does the microphone placement make it look like he's wearing a Misfits t-shirt under his jacket? (Which would be awesome)
@8 I noticed that too. Which probably mde me love the speech more.

The President is a remarkable speaker and when he gets to loosen up a little it's even better. That head half cocked back wide smile he has is more charming than Clinton on his best day.

Highlights for me: Harvard joke about Romney's two degrees, Every single word he said about HuffPo, the Hill's version of The Man Show, all the dog jokes, and passing Health Care again.
Ah.. @8 is @7. Sorry.
@ 8 Obama and Clinton are equally charming

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