We just got an incredible (and incredibly long) e-mail. It's from theteaparty.net, and it's a fundraising e-mail for a tea party convention that will take place in Tampa one day before the Republican convention takes place. It's in Democrats' best interests to make sure this convention happens. It'll turn the Republican convention into a circus, and remind voters how far right the party has gone in the last three years. Here's the e-mail, in full. Emphasis is theirs:

Dear Patriot,

I apologize for the length of this email. I appreciate that your time is valuable and for that reason we try to keep our messages concise. This email builds the foundation for an amazing project that we will be heavily focused on for the next few months. I know that I can count on your generous support to help us fund this project, which is why you will find the information on what is the single most important challenge in the future of the Tea Party movement, right below the contribute button. :-)

The election cycle is just beginning to heat up and our team is prepared to make a statement at the ballot box in 2012 by once again shaking up old political paradigms. The American public is outraged at the out of control spending. We are ashamed that our federal government has been operating without a budget for nearly three years. We will not be diverted to issues that divide us, the American people stand united against your bloated system of corruption and we no longer trust your ability to fix it. Our nation desperately needs to bring itself back to fiscal sanity and no other issue will take precedence until the tax-code is dramatically simplified and the god given rights of American citizens are restored.

The Tea Party movement is the only political movement that can claim the principled high ground. We have waged serious primary battles against potential political allies because we could no longer trust that their decisions were being driven with the best interests of their constituents in mind. With one more strong electoral showing the Republican Party will be forced to pass the Tea Party agenda.

So the evening before the Republican convention the American people are going to show up and remind them who is in charge, THE AMERICAN PEOPLE.

We are asking all conservative groups to set aside their differences and reunite behind a message of constitutionally limited government, personal responsibility, and fiscal sanity. When the eyes of the world focus on Tampa, let the first thing they see be the Tea Party steadfastly refusing to let ourselves be defined by anything but the agenda that the American people overwhelmingly supported in 2010. Let us show that we stand together united behind conservative majorities in Congress and the defeat of Barack Obama.

You are receiving this email because our team is helping prepare the launch of Unity Rally 2012. We are currently working with other organizations to assemble a who's who of conservative politics to participate in the planning and promotion of this event. We have assembled a team capable of pulling off a production of this magnitude but this event isn't about any one organization, it is about our movement pulling together. Every conservative organization and activist is encouraged to promote this event as THEIR event.

The stakes are incredibly high. If we turn out tens of thousands our movement will survive, if we flop it will be all the establishment/media needs to ban us to political obscurity. If we turn out hundreds of thousands all of the people and groups that make up our movement will once again be instrumental in driving the political narrative in 2012. I believe that we must rise above our disagreements and rivalries for the good of the movement at Unity Rally 2012.

If you have read this far, thank you! Over the course of the next few months we will need to raise A LOT of money to pay for this event and our emails are ineffective when they get to long. As a valued member of our team I wanted to give you a broader picture about our strategy going forward and rest assured, you will be receiving regular updates about the progression of this event.

Thank You,

Dustin Stockton
Chief Strategist

P.S. Our strength is in numbers. Please help our efforts by forwarding this message to a friend.