House Majority Leader Eric Cantor was in town for a breakfast fundraiser at the Bellevue Westin this morning. Not that that's really news. Cantor does a lot of fundraisers for congressional incumbents and candidates. It's what he does.

No, what really makes this particular trip so interesting is that Cantor flew all the way out here to raise money for Rep. Dave Reichert—who is in the race of his life only in the sense that this is the first race of his life not to be much of a race (thank you, redistricting!)—not for John Koster, Washington's only Republican congressional candidate in a remotely competitive contest.

Why? Because John Koster is too extreme even for Eric Cantor! And that's saying something.

A Cantor-allied group has been spending money against Republicans Cantor thinks are too extreme, for example some who advocate eliminating the Department of Education. You know, just like Koster. So it would be a little odd for Cantor to spend money in one state against extremists he fears are undermining his party's credibility, while raising money for them in another.

You'd think if Cantor was enthusiastic about Koster's candidacy he'd have held a fundraiser for him too. But he didn't. And that tells you everything you need to know about how mindfuckingly extreme Koster really is.