Romney adviser (and former Massachusetts lieutenant governor under Romney) Kerry Healey has THE MOST CONCLUSIVE PROOF EVER that Mitt Romney is not, in fact, a big bully:

“The real question here is, is Mitt Romney a bully? And the answer is no," she said. "Mitt Romney is absolutely, as his other friend from high school said — he doesn't have a vicious bone in his body.”

In defending Romney as "deeply compassionate" and "unfailingly kind," she pointed to moments during the GOP primary when Romney was "being attacked from every side."

"His response was always professional, calm, civil," she pointed out. "In fact, he even intervened on behalf [of] — to try to help — Gov. Perry when he was stumbling [in attempting to remember a talking point during a debate]. His impulses are very kind impulses and there should be no debate about whether or not Gov. Romney is a bully."

See? If Romney was a bully, he would have called Rick Perry a moron and pantsed him on live TV, but because he tried to help Perry remember that third thing, he's Gandhi. END OF DISCUSSION.