As the ECS are fond of singing at Sounders games, "Ricketts is a disease!"
Ricketts, I believe,is the majority owner of the Chicago Cubs. What do the Slog's resident Chicagoans think about this?
I would totally vote for a metrosexual black Abe Lincoln. Until then, I'll vote for Obama again.
What, exactly, does "more than a bit of the trimmer in him" mean? Is this some new sex euphemism that hasn't presented itself on SLOG yet, as in "Yeah, she's realllllly into trimming."
If the information that came out on Rev Wright pre November 1998 didn't stop Obama from being elected, what will bringing out that info now do? Nothing. The Righties better scrap that ad and come out with something more shocking/salacious about Obama -- if they actually have anything.
The only idiots who care are the idiots that would vote for Emperor Romney anyway.
"We're not going to run character assassination ads. Now sit back and enjoy this ad about how Barry Hussain Osama Bin Teleprompter is a homosexual muslin socialist terrorist."
i think the only place anyone knows this term is inside the beltway.

per urban dictionary:


14 up, 4 down

A person who refines political views to accommodate the prevailing winds; particularly, one who contrives self-serving excuses for political views now generally recognized to have been stupid.

In journalism, the current handwringer-in-chief is the New Yorker writer George Packer, whose book *The Assassins' Gate* has met with high praise from ... a subset of pundits I call trimmers... trimmers criticize ... the foolish president, but avoid unequivocal denunciations of this foolish war.

Good. Let them waste their money.
@2 The Cubs are not defined by their current owner. The tradition goes way deeper than whoever happens to own them at any one time.
The Wright issue has never been about religion; that's just a canard for the media. The Wright issue has *always* been about race, and specifically the right-wing paranoid fantasy that the blacks are all out to get whitey. Didn't work in 08, and I'd be thrilled to see them waste money on it again.

And LOL at the Romney campaign saying they'll stay focused on jobs and the economy! Because they really stuck to their principled guns when they emptied their dumpsters all over Newt and Santorum.
"End his Spending for Good?" Is he trying to stop the President from spending any money? or just wanting him to stop spending money on projects that do Good Deeds?
It is sort of like Operation Just Cause!
"Why are we invading Panama?"
"Just Cause. Sort of felt like it today."
The Romney campaign definitely does not have anything to gain by playing the "whose religion is crazier?" game.
"The Wright issue has *always* been about race, and specifically the right-wing paranoid fantasy that the blacks are all out to get whitey."

And that is why it did not work as an anti-Obama ad.

The people inclined to believe it already KNEW that Obama was a secret Muslim.
And those are the only people who could handle the mental gymnastics required to believe that a secret Muslim was also a follower of an anti-white Christian preacher.

And while McCain may not have liked the idea of depicting Obama in that fashion, Palin certainly did.
By all means, Mr Mormon, attack the Christian and see how well that plays with Christian voters.

(And yes, I know LDS is a subset of Christianity. I think they're both insane; the former is just crazier.)
So CNN reports today that white babies in the US are now in the minority. The RNC better wise the fuck up about the future or in 20 years they will disappear.

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