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Did Chuckie mention something he read yet today? No? Well here you go - straight from the Last Literate, Goat-Killing Rhodesian.


Looks like East Germany circa 1982.

Remember how well that worked for people...
I was in the U District for the Street Fair last weekend, for the first time in a few years, and was struck, and appalled, at those identical Soviet-style apartment blocks dotting the west campus fringe.

How on earth did those happen? Is the UW exempt from the City's design review process? Ugly is as ugly does, indeed.
It's what raised us above poo flinging monkeys.... well, some of us.
those buildings are beautiful. the only problem is that they are not directly a part of the green, pedestrian campus. perhaps one day 15th will not be such a pedestrian barrier and the campus will flood down into the west campus ...
And meanwhile the campus itself is ridiculously spread out, and it takes forever to get anywhere.
if you don't like the new gray brick dorms, just wait till you see what's coming. prepare your fainting couch.
From my dorm year I remember bare concrete walls, communal showers, almost no personal space, bland food, slow buses, broken elevators, racial and religious tension...if that is socialism you can keep it.
Who came up with the bright idea that the dominant colors of those dorms should be mold and rust?
So if you break said mirror it's still 7-8 years of bad luck right?
I'd actually like to hear more about all these dorm rooms the UW is building. Do they plan on having that more students over the next few years? With the coming college tuition bubble that is going to explode soon, what's the thinking behind all this? Are these dorms primarily for international students, or freshmen or what?

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