I am with Mitt because I believe English should be the official language of Amercia!
It looks like some sort of Mexican spelling. I want to see Romney's birth certificate.
Pronounced "Uh-MER-see-uh."
Amercia BeacU-S-A! U-S-A!
"I'm with Mitt."

Is that more like being "with child" or "with tumor"?
FUCK! I meant to say "BeaucU-S-A!"!

I really Romneyed that one, damn.
Ich bin mit Mitt.
@2 Believe it or not, Mitt actually released his birth certificate today.

...while not automatically shouting Trump's most recent birther claims.

Please, will some time-traveler come and assure me that this isn't the issue that decides this election.
Ok that app has to be used for Hump. Hell, i want to see someone take a dick pic using that app.
Funny enough, most of his supporters won't notice the gaffe, even if you try to point it out. Mitten's braintrust already consumer tested this. That's how most of them already spell it.
A better America!

Tens of thousands of people laid off every time you blink!! Fewer regulatory controls on orgs like Bain who literally brought down the world economy!!!

More phony Republican doubletalk about trickling down of jobs & wealth! I agree will be a wonderful brave new world under Romney.

And who in the hell names their child Mitt? Mitten? What's wrong with this picture?
That's all very interesting, but who's the hottie?
I think Mitt got confused and thought Latinos spoke Latin.

Sad when you consider he's an anchor baby ...
Someone must save that hot gay guy from voting for Mitt
Uhhhh, it is the obvious... it is not America or even Amerika.... It is reality peeps. It is Amir I CIA. with stress on the CIA...
Romney's potatoe moment.
Never been so pround of WWU as I am right now.
I wouldn't make too much of it: it's an easy-to-make mistake of the sort that reveals nothing about the candidate, just as easily made for a good candidate as a bad (just as any random publicist can screw up a bio).
This is what happens when you vote for people who have no interest in governing.

Let's face it, the only reason why Romney wants to be president is to accomplish something that his daddy couldn't and to cut taxes for all his friends.

Dislike them all you want but at least Santorum/ Gingrich/ Paul probably all care about some issues. Mr Etch a Sketch only cares about winning.
Mitt told me you faggit hippy libruls - your all a bunch of loosers!

It's a simple mistake that should not happen.

It's not a big deal by itself, but when added to all the other gaffes that Romney's campaign has made, it adds to the meme that they are not ready for prime time.

Romney only won the GOP nomination because he faced weak challengers who had no campaign infrastructure and because he destroyed them with millions of dollars of negative ads. And even then, he rarely got above 40%.
Thinking about this further, something like this helps Romney with the homeskoled Amrikans who will be voting this fall.

Who knows...could be the most brilliant thing his campaign does this year.
@11, some brilliant examples there. Wonderful stuff.
Amercia! Fcuk Yeh!
Another thing -- why the Hell would Romney stand on stage with weirdo Donald Trump the very night he supposedly clinched enough delegates to be the GOP nominee?!!!?? WTF!

Maybe Romney needs Trump for his $ or for his few supporters or maybe he's worried that Trump's so volatile that he will mount a run as an independent in the Fall. Maybe.

But still, don't stand on stage with the nutcase the night you want all the media to be focused on how you finally just won the nomination!

Jeez, his campaign really is amateur hour. What a dunce!
I would really like that hottie's phone number, please and thank you.
Amercia is not recommended if you're pregnant or could become pregnant.
@8, I am a time traveler from the past and I guarantee you that the birther issue will not decide the 2012 election. Nobody who believes the birther BS was going to vote for Obama anyway so it has no bearing on the election.

No, Romney will win the 2012 election because people believe Obama's a Communist Fascist who raised taxes and gave huge burlap sacks of rich people's money to poor people, he's an extremist Muslim who went to an extremist Christian church for decades, he's the most liberal person in history, he's a master genius who's systematically dismantling the constitution and is incompetent along with a host of other fantasies.

Well, that and the fact that idiot liberals won't bother to vote because Obama didn't give them single payer healthcare, eliminate the military, ban all guns and give everyone a puppy.
I weep.
@29 Whew! I was worried there for a--wait, what?

(And sigh.)
I think Amercia is one of the eastern cities in Game of Thrones.
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