A horrible tragedy has happened, and you have to inject your tired anti-rural crap. Give it a rest.
You know what would make Seattle safer? Light sabers.
@2 I would vote for this.

As for the gun store, how exactly would that stop or making the shootings today better? I'm willing to bet the shootings today were used with a regular-old gun from a city gun shop. It doesn't matter where they are purchased, it matters how they're used.
Good Afternoon Charles,
It is equally a tragedy whether it happens in a city or in a rural area. Alas, it actually happens MORE in cities than in rural areas of America. My condolences to ALL victims of these violent crimes.
For exactly once, I agree with Mudede.
#4: That is simply not true, rural areas have much higher rates of homicide and overall gun violence than urban areas.

Here is a study based on WA state data but google will provide a million more data points.…
Charles, you are the most thought-provoking writer at the Stranger, by far.

You are also the worst photographer. If you insist on putting crappy cell phone pics on your posts, invest in an hour some time with someone who can give you a few basic pointers.
Shuttup # 1 it is the perfect time to interject this.

Unless he was like family of one of them, its entirely appropriate, we don't need that country shit!
@6. I'm not sure where you're getting that. Can't look at your broken link, but everything I've read from the US DOJ's Bureau of Crime Statistics shows violent crime rates in urban areas to be higher than in rural areas.
...and who indirectly helped bring Chuckie, Last of the Pseudo-Intellectual Rhodesians, to rural America? Why none other than Mugabe, the U.N.'s new "tourism leader"! His former boot lick Ebenezer Mudede must be rubbing one off in the grave after hearing this one.
Since when is there a gun range in Seattle?
BIG GUN FUN! Drive right up in your F150, little boy! Time to become a Man!
@6 raku,
I contend that greatly. I stand by my point. It is safer to live in rural America than urban America by the standard of violent crime (assault, robbery, rape and of course, homicide). Agree with @9.

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