Concierge du Monde is about the worst name for an excort service I can think of. Well "Dog Walkers" is worse and I just thought of it. but C du M is pretty horrible. It sounds as if they collect laundry and receive packages. Are they escorts or doormen?
wow..combining Stephen King's "IT" (scary clown version) with an escort/sex service is a niche that I just don't think I could ever understand.

Unless there are people out there who developed a different reaction to clowns than fear or annoyance....nah..couldn't be!

And "Sugar Weasel"!! Gross!
I thought the clown in David Schmader's play was on the scary side. I was wrong. The mental image of Sugar Weasel in all white body paint... Shit, now my vagina just hid behind the couch with that other lady's.
Wow. Life. Isn't it rich...?
O.k., who thinks Sugar Weasel is a Catholic priest?!?
And the battle of anecdotal stories/personal experiences being extrapolated into sweeping statement of fact continues.
Sure, laugh at Sugar Weasel all you want. Once he buries his 11 inch cock in you, the laughing usually stops.
The parenthetical "(I did quite well)" was kinda creepy. Why did he think you needed to know this? Insecure much?
@6 But there's a *reason* the discussion of straight male escorts is limited to personal anecdotes, rather than the comparative scientific studies done on large populations of them.

I will say, Dan has exposed me to one more thing it had not occurred to me people might be into. And I of course support the goal of keeping Austin weird.
You give me Sugar Weasel, I give you Ouchy the Clown!, meeting facilitator, pro-dom, DJ.

That little task dispensed with: I know of at least one male who does rope-bondage-based escorting for female clients. I don't know how far along the spectrum of sexual intercourse the encounters go (and I'm not going to ask), but I've helped out with one encounter and it was quite fun for all involved.
Concierge also means Janitor in French. Just sayin'....
Sugar Weasel?

I so did not need that visual.

I had actually figured there were escort services for women. I wasn't aware that they were so few in comparison to male escort services. Interesting.
7.7% of CduM's escorts are Sugar Weasel. As I know that that anecdata is applicable to the straight male escort profession in general, I believe that Dan has made his point.
I love that man! I don't think I could keep up with him at a party though.
@1, oh c'mon. I can think of plenty of worse names. Smack My Bitch Up. Poles for Holes. Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap. Sophisticated Sausages. All You Can Eat Man-Bar. Thirteen Shades of Gray. Makin' Fifty the Hard Way.

Of course, Concierge du Monde, while not being tasteless, is just stupid.
Coulrophilia, ladies and gents, it exists and it is a sexual attraction to clowns. And it ain't nearly as weird as you might think.
@7 FTW!
A lot of women DO pay for sex, but most of them go overseas to do it. Not because they are looking to do something illegal, but because most of the men in rich countries who are beautiful enough to convince women to pay to sleep with them can find work doing something that DOESNT involve trawling the internet looking for "Joans"(I guess thats the term?)

I am sure there are tons of women who would pay good money to sleep with someone who looks as good as Brad Pitt or Ashton Kutcher, but those people usually can get jobs modeling or being eye-candy "actors", so there is no reason for them to sell their bodies.

In many places overseas a lot of men dont have these avenues open to them, so women can get their pick of some of the best looking men that country has to offer....
I want to punch that clown in the face.
@19: And I'm sure that for $150 an hour, you *can*!
I met Mr Weasel a few months ago when a female friend of mine procured his services. Nice enough guy, says he's not taking any new clients, however. The two of them met up with friends for drinks after their session. I showed up a little later and another friend told me his demeanor changed after I arrived, as if having a second guy at a table full of women had thrown off his game.

As an aside, and this seems obvious in hindsight, never accept a cigarette from a clown.
I can see a pretty lucrative side business for someone like Sugar Weasel - hiring himself to people who want to really make a statement a family gatherings or work-related events.

"Don't like who I usually show up with? It could be worse."
Is it just me, or does that clown look a lot like George Bluth from Arrested Development?
How about concierge du cul?
Mango Kitten @8: I believe the parentheses refer to the test, not the sex. Contra the myth that sex the night before will harm your performance in athletics, academics etc.
Hey, I live in Austin. More importantly *my wife* lives in Austin. Now I know what to get her for her birthday. It used to be wristbands for SWSX, Now SWSX will stand for SugarWeaselSeX
"There are a lot of independent, entrepreneurial, and legitimate straight male escorts out there."

I have no doubt that this statement is 100% true. The issue is that 99.9999% of them have never had a paying client and never will.
@22 FTW!
An interesting perspective on the issue:…

Again, she confirms that this is still a very small market, but it exists.
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I've enjoyed conversing with the Straight Male Companions on Concierge du Monde for several months now. As a matter-of-fact, I plan on seeing two of the gentlemen in the very near future.

Yes, there are Straight Male Escorts out there. The ones who pass muster are featured companions. There are many male companions out there, very few are counted as worthy of being featured on Concierge du Monde.

It is so easy to condemn women for wanting what men have such easy access to. It is even easier to condemn the men who have what other men wish they had. But hear this: The only people who ridicule this paradigm are those who know nothing about it.

I challenge each and every one of you to find out more. Interact with the very intelligent, amazing men and women of the forum, and then give me your revised opinion.
Well theirs no accounting for taste, and 19, I charge for that,
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Believe it or not there are actually some straight male escorts out there catering to women only. I suppose it's a bigger market in some countries like Australia.

Check this out:
Sorry, couldn't resist another shameless plug:
Escort Mayhem
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