Regarding the 5th. Dino Rossi lost his first bid here to be a State Senator to Kathleen Drew in 1992. High turnout in a presidential year, a hard working moderate D candidate with a strong campaign and an open seat CAN produce a win here.
Great ... more clear-headed, impartial political analysis from The Stranger, done by the longtime head of the state Democratic Party.

Attacking the messenger ... because you have no answer to the message.
Haugen doesn't represent any of Kitsap County... you meant Snohomish and Skagit.
Actually I will attack the messenger... Paul Berendt is a shoddy prognosticator and the opposite of a kingmaker. According to Berendt, Howard Dean was certain to get the 2004 presidential nomination and win the presidency away from W Bush. Berendt abused his position as state Democrats chair to prematurely throw his weight and the weight of the party behind the screaming loser. Many legislative races that Berendt has interfered with have ousted good primary candidates in favor of his picks who failed in November.
Democrats are dinosaurs (going extinct), having strayed from their supposed reason for being: representation of the many against the privileged few elite.
The 5th, 41st and 10th are going to be really interesting for sure. I would disagree with one comment in the article. I wouldn't count on Sen McAuliffe to be a sure thing in the 1st. I am working very hard to unseat her. As I go door-to-door, there seems to be a strong desire for new leadership from citizens on both sides of the aisle.

See you on the campaign trail,

Paul obviously doesn't know either of the candidates mentioned in the 10th and fails even further when it comes to knowing who they represent. Senator Haugen and Representative Bailey do not have any constituents in Kitsap county. They were elected to represent the citizens of Island, part of Skagit and part of Snohomish.
I'll take hard work and innovative thinking before blind allegiance to party or political action group any day. You definitely have a chance. There are those that claim to be Roadkill Caucus members, and then those that truly walk the middle and are genuine roadkill, but then, don't care as long as it is the better policy winning out the day. Keep looking for good solutions no matter how much it may fly in the face of what the core beliefs of a few of the members of your party may scream about. The far left and far right are already well tended to. We need those that can work with folks regardless of party to work for We the People...
Your support is very much appreciated. Your comments, and those of kind individuals I meet while doorbelling, are uplifting. They provide fuel for the long days on the trail.


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