Something just ain't right.
Reading the article I'd have to say that this is GOOD news for Seattle's police reform effort. This cop was one of those being used by McGinn in his hastily conceived and detail-light attempt to fling bullshit at the feds' reforms. That goddam " 20/20" smoke-and-mirrors PR nonsense, dollars to donuts a BIll Broadhead creation.

Whether this fellow is found guilty or not, overall I'll be glad if this scandal weakens even a little the mayor's mania for derailing the DOJ process so many of us believe is SPD's only hope to shake loose of its rot.
Damn, it is the 99% of the cops like this ass hat who give ALL the rest of the cops a bad name...;-G
@3 Well next time one of your buddies comes to your hang out with a gun, do us all a favor, call the anarchists for help. Sit down with the gun man and have a GA to work out your differences using the consensus model of decision making.

Or be a pussy and dial 911.
@4 a lot of anarchists actually find consensus authoritarian, yo, but it's not like you're going to do your research or anything.
@2 I'd say it's a good thing also, because prior to the DOJ crackdown, this kind of thing might have been swept under the rug like we've seen so many times before with the SPD & KCS.

The fact that they'd turn on this bad apple is a good sign that someone may be starting to "get it".
Explains a lot. No one is surprised. They can't keep their hands to themselves in their own home, who can expect them to do it on the street?

" a lot of anarchists actually find consensus authoritarian, "

Apparently, like a room full of 2 yr olds, anarchists can't agree on much.
@6 -- if the SPD and KCS sweeps these things under the rug, how have we seen it so many times before?
Time to realize that change is inevitable and resistance is useless (and very expensive).
The first question at the next SPD press conference should be, Why do you think anyone trusts you?
@4 Uhhhh, some anarchists carry guns and are quite ok with handling violence... consensus can be very brutal when all agree to kick ass.... Fuck calling a wife beating pussy cop....
@9 In the internal review sense. The story still makes the paper, eventually, it's just that they close ranks and the asshole is free to continue to terrorize the community.
This Donnie Lowe chap, however, sounds like a real winner: the man beat up his 13yo son while the boy was handcuffed.
This is the second Seattle cop investigated recently for wrongdoing (Mike Sanford) who had an important position in the federal reform effort. Third time will be a trend? N'est pas?
Citizens need to better understand what they have a right to expect from their police. My new book defines this and talks about the four barriers to police improvement and WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE. You should read it and check out my blog "ImprovingPolice" at The book is: "Arrested Development: A Veteran Police Chief Sounds Off About Protest, Racism, Corruption and the Seven Steps Necessary to Improve Our Nation's Police." Good luck!

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