Several people have asked us post about the Westboro Baptist Church's latest attention-seeking stunt.

Westboro says it will picket the funeral of Gloria Leonidas, the 52-year-old woman fatally shot last Wednesday outside of Town Hall by Ian Stawicki, who also murdered four people that morning at Cafe Racer. Leonidas's funeral is scheduled for Thursday morning. "God sent the shooter to the coffee shop and executed HIS judgment," says the Westbro picket schedule. "When Washington State put their hand to pass fag marriage into law, they flipped off God and put a target on the backs of their people."

Fully cognizant of the Phelps family's desire for media coverage, and knowing that the Phelps clan frequently fails to show up for their announced demonstrations, we debated about whether we should post anything about the protest at all. But here we are.

A group is planning a counter-demonstration called, "Shield families & friends from Westboro Church outside Racer Cafe Victim Funeral." Anyone planning to attend the counter-demonstration should bear in mind that the Phelps clan may enjoy baiting counter-protesters into physical confrontations. If you go, don't give Westboro Baptist Church what it wants. Don't give them the confrontation they want. Don't assist them in disrupting the funeral of Gloria Leonidas.

Just turn your backs on them.