Trolls gunna Troll
You should've ignored them. Full stop. THIS is Phelps's food. It's how he makes his money. And you just helped feed him.
@3, Slog's gotta eat too, you know.
Exactly - show up, make yourself useful with things like sheets/shields if needed but don't interact with them at all, and leave right away if you're not needed.
The absolute best response I have seen to the vile Phelps clan is to set up a donation table nearby and collect money for the group/person they are picketing.

The best possible way to deflate their hate.

According to Phelps and his Hellspawn, anything bad that happens to anyone, anywhere is because of teh Gays...
@6 - It's a nice gesture, but it hasn't stopped them yet. Hate needs light to live, and Slog just turned on the Kliegs.
Get this anti-gay stuff in the press, tie it to preserve marriage washington.
I thought that collectively mooning them might have a hilarious impact! Silly sociopaths!
Just tell the cops that Westboro is the 99% and they'll remove them with tear gas and batons.
Just remember that they're a family of lawyers and they specifically try to provoke people into confrontations so that they can sue them. I shit you not, they're just run of the mill grifters.

Actually I think this is the best response to them:…
I'm curious why, if going into a coffee shop and killing people is God's Work, then why don't THEY do it? By their own philosophy they should be going on the biggest killing spree ever, because God sez so, right?
If God was real and had a sense of humor, I'm sure She'd find an ironic way to smite WBC.
Why don't the whack jobs with guns EVER shoot the right people?
With a bit of organizing they are easy to deal with. Surround them with big burly guys wearing giant angel wings (bed sheets work, and they guys should turn their backs on them to avoid confrontation) blocking them from view. Then set up a table and do some fund raising for the charity of your choice. Oh and if they start yelling, the big burly guys in angel wings can have a nice sing along to drown out their hate speech.
@3 How, specifically, does this get them money? It's not like you have to pay someone every time you say their name and they don't take outside donations.

If a counterprotest helps the family, and if everyone behaves (lawsuits are a way they get money), then it sounds like a good thing to me.

At the end of the day it doesn't take a whole hell of a lot of money to support a mostly transient family with little material desires so you're not going to defund them into nonexistence.
"God sent the shooter to the coffee shop and executed HIS judgment," says the Westbro picket schedule. "When Washington State put their hand to pass fag marriage into law, they flipped off God and put a target on the backs of their people."

What I can never figure out is why anyone would "worship" such an asshole?
Set up a gay kissing booth right in front of them, 5 dollars a smooch going to a good cause chosen by the family.
SLOG is right to report this. It is news. Also, it lets people know who might want to counter protest,
Man... God sucks!
The Washington State captain for Patriot Guard Riders is Dave "50wt" Kastel at

Has anybody sent him an email asking for PGR to come and do their thing?
@18: I don't get how you "put [a] hand to [do something]". Seriously, does that parse to anyone?
@23: Uh. That was a quote from the article?
@23: redact above. I get ya. Sorry been a long (dark) day.

Yeah I dont know how the hell anyone parses that.

Turn your backs on them, create shields with sheets or whatever, and maybe get all the shielders to sing some kind of lovely song to drown out any yelling the WBC might do. Anything beyond that would be intrusive to this woman's loved ones on their terrible day. There are plenty of other places those idiots show up where it would be appropriate to have a grand party of a counter-protest, but this isn't it.
@17, meet @12.
Not that I'm advocating violence, but...

Why can't we, just once, see one of these crazy gunmen turn up to take out the bulk of Westboro Church?

Guess only the good die young?
Please plan on a counter protest at their next stop. King county building.
Please respect the mourners.
Join the fb group to stay updated. There are people contacting the church as well as people in the fb group in touch with the families. We will respect their wishes.

Protest at the king county building with love, humor & song to drown out their nonsense hate spews.
Do not engage or allow their ignorance to fuel hate for them. Drop your head & shake it in pity instead for their lack of ability to see reason & having a life fueled with so much hate.
You will not change their minds, they will not listen to reason, don't bother arguing.
Stay happy & light, if anything laugh at their ridiculousness. I like the gay kissing booth accepting donations & the idea of full length mirrors so they can see how hateful they are, however if broken could become a weapon & more tragedy could fall on our city. Go to picket schedule on their website ridiculous they also own & various other sites.
@28 Sadly, psychopaths tend to avoid other psychopaths.
In a nation awash in guns, violence and mental illness, somehow there hasn't been of confluence of them in Fred Phelps' chest.
They thrive on the attention. If they don't get it, they turn around and go home.
"Hank Kerns, funeral director at Sunset Hills Memorial Park and Funeral Home, says that Leonidas' family has requested that all protesters -- both the Westboro protesters and the counter protesters -- be asked to leave."…

In respect of the Leonidas family's wishes as expressed by the funeral director, i suspect any kind of activity at the funeral service will be called off.
"Hank Kerns, funeral director at Sunset Hills Memorial Park and Funeral Home, says that Leonidas' family has requested that all protesters -- both the Westboro protesters and the counter protesters -- be asked to leave."…

In respect of the Leonidas family's wishes as expressed by the funeral director, i suspect any kind of activity at the funeral service will be called off.
The family has requested that NO counter protesters show up. The staff at the funeral home will manage any protesters that show up, and will ask ALL protesters, no matter their intention, to leave. Please, respect the family and DO NOT show up to the church. If you wish to protest wbc, there are other locations you can attend tomorrow, such at the King County Administrative buildings.
I am a Christian here in Seattle, and I am closely connected with this family by association. I just want to put out there that the actions of this organization that calls itself a church is not really reflective of the God I worship nor does it reflect what I believe to be true Christian character. On behalf of Christians who would never be associated with this type of activity, I want to apologize that someone using our name has acted and continue to act in such a way. I feel it is as messed up as the rest of you--and I believe God agrees. I am sure I would have many differences of opinion with a lot of you who have read and comment on this story, but on this we can agree--what the WBC group will be doing tomorrow is a sad disgrace and completely disrespectful to this hurting family and community.
Just maybe God will smite this bunch of fools. I would if I were God. Wonder how they are going to feel when the tables are turned.

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