And you will tell us the answer to this later on, right?
I retract my vote for the anti-water fluoridation kook, unless it was said with 100% seriousness.
James Deal suggests he is pro-Democrat, but it seems he is at odds with them because they won't get on board with antifluoridism. We invited him to come speak to our Democratic group, he even booked a slot, and then pulled out saying we'd never endorse him anyway. Well, maybe not, but I doubt it would have been because of his stance on fluoride. Rather, it would have been because of his apparent lack of a stance on anything else. If we had a State Commissioner of Public Water, he might have a shot. He may as well have run for Fire District 31 Commissioner -- his campaign message is just as relevant to that position as it is to Lt. Gov. Well, I suppose fire departments do use water, so there'd be that.
Ah....does he still think fluoride is a commie plot to take over the world?
That's gotta be Glenn Anderson, and it was probably all the more delightful because it was said in his southern drawl.
Gotta be honest, up in Whatcom County, where my sis lives, is the only county in the state where they don't have fluoridated water. It is also the most delicious goddamn tap water I have ever tasted. Holy shit.

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