I don't know about you guys, but I am loving Ponygate.
I love it too.
The cost-of-horses thing is just another thing to laugh about; the story of the painkillers is about animal abuse and makes me angry.
It could be a little more ridiculous, but not much. Any bets on when his secret offshore stockpile of top hats and monocles is discovered?
God I love Pushers.
What is it with this guy and animals? This is better (worse) than the dog story.
SPAM ON AISLE 7!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
lulz, spam website is //nsfw.something.

I would like to make $76/hr on the internet, but I can't find out how, since I am at work.
The horse biz is just about as nasty as it gets. Look up what Rielle Hunter's dad did to her show horse for the insurance money. That's some cold-hearted shit.
Rich people suck.
His name is Willard, Willard Mitt Romney, "W"
$10,000 per year for horse's clothing? Didn't even know that horses wore clothes. But how poor am I?
what the hells is that horse wearing!! Spun gold?!?

A little bit o' the Damon Runyon sneaking in that last parenthetical expression there. It is unavoidable given that the topic is horses, even though these are such horses as would make Hot Horse Herbie weep until he stopped.
Oh, keep the Romney stories coming. The more exposure this guy gets, the more we get to see who the cold-hearted out-of-touch elitist is.
This is not only a case of animal abuse but also illustrates a total lack of decency toward people. Giving Ann Romney the benefit of possibly not knowing what was going on with the sale of Hit, her trainer Jan Ebeling acted as her agent in the sale. According to the buyer, Katherine Norris he represented the horse "as the soundest horse in the barn." Yes, the same Jan Ebeling who just qualified for the Olympics on Romney's horse, Rafalca. Ebeling was named as a defendant in the fraud suit. However, the Romney's are worth $250,000,000. Instead of refunding the $125,000 sale price when it was exposed that the horse had been drugged prior to the sale, which is illegal in most states, the Romney's forced Norris to sue them. The suit was settled out of court in 2010. Romney's tried to insert a nondisclosure clause in the settlement but Norris refused. The horse is permanently lame and has been retired. This is all according to what was reported in the New York Times and L.A. times. One other point. No knowledgeable horse person would knowingly buy a horse with a bone spur on it's coffin bone which is what the Romney's did when they purchased Hit for $105,000.

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