The Seattle Times truth needled the recent attorney general's debate again, only instead of investigating Reagan Dunn's claim to be have had a complex civil law practice over two years when he wasn't even lawyer, they instead chose to focus on a Bob Ferguson's debate claim that Dunn was arrested for a serious crime while a law student... a claim Ferguson has already publicly corrected:

In a follow-up interview, Ferguson said he "clearly misspoke" in saying Dunn was a law student in 1989. "We knew all along what age he was. We practiced that moment many times. I just spoke incorrectly on that," Ferguson said.

So Dunn was in high school, not law school when he was charged with reckless driving, and you can make up your mind for yourself whether that is "serious" or not. (Just like you can make up your mind whether Dunn's 2002 reckless driving charge in Virginia is serious. "There is no question about it. I have a lead foot," Dunn told KUOW about his many speeding tickets.) Either way, Ferguson admitted his debate error.

Dunn, however, has not. Twice during the debate Dunn lied about his legal resume, exaggerating his civil law experience by claiming to have practiced law when he wasn't a lawyer. Yet nobody else in the media seems to care.